Été du Cocotier
Déclaration Love - Coco Love

Été du Cocotier / Déclaration Love - Coco Love by Jacques Zolty
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Été du Cocotier is a perfume by Jacques Zolty for women and was released in 2021. The scent is woody-sweet. It is being marketed by HIC Beauty. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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CoconutCoconut BergamotBergamot
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CypriolCypriol CreamCream Tonka beanTonka bean VanillaVanilla AmberAmber
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Coconut, banana and some surprises
This is a quirky coconut scent.
It smells so much like ripe bananas, which must come from the ylang ylang, and also very creamy and woodsy. The sweetness of vanilla, whipped cream and coconut is obvious, but there are also notes that made me think of milky sandalwood and cedar when I first tried it. Maybe the mix of cypriol with the softer notes. There is a certain dry, sharp and bitter undertone to this scent. It's a wild mix of different accords that has an indie vibe to me. Not the most sophisticated blend, but still fun and likeable.

I would not wear it myself, but I think it's worth a try if you're looking for something different from the usual coconut scents. It also lasts forever on me.
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Cool coconut kiss!
Admittedly: The name of this fragrance raises considerable doubts about whether they're actually still quite crispy in the marketing department. "Déclaration Love" - what kind of failed bilingual drama queen is hiding behind something like that? Worse, they seem to like this neologism so much that they've named an entire line after it. Two fragrances have appeared in the series so far, and other than the unifying element of declaring love, there's little in common. "Tyrannique" in a deep red transparent bottle puts the focus on tuberose, "Coco Love" in an opaque creamy white bottle on coconut. To call a perfume "Coco Love" - that takes a lot of courage, for all the love of love and its various declarations.

I like this scent, I'm slowly getting to know it, but I already perceive it as very pleasant, and that makes up for the strange naming. What I like so much about Coco Love: the fragrance has nothing of the Caribbean feeling, which so many coconut fragrances such as the very beloved by me "Leisure in Paradise" come up, and certainly nothing of the sugary sweetness, with which others such as "Coco Extrême" come up. Not that I don't like the Caribbean ones. I love the pina colada feel, I really like pineapple, lime and coconut in combination, even better without pineapple. But I find a fragrance that doesn't serve this cliché for once and takes on the theme of "coconut" in a new and innovative way very exciting and stimulating.

Coco Love, the coconut fragrance with the silly name, first makes you think: What am I smelling? Why do I have so little idea? Why is perfumology not taught in school, would have been a great LK?
What I perceive above all, is a quite magical, incredibly beautiful creaminess, a creamy softness that makes me immediately and without detours think of how lustful-delicious the first teaspoon of coconut cream is, how fantastically smooth it melts on the tongue, before I put the rest of the can in the Mulligatawny. Coconut is one of the types of nuts whose creamy, creamy taste I really appreciate, unlike, say, chestnut, which I can't do anything with, or even hazelnut. The smooth Coco-Love cream lays itself on the skin like a protective film and is so typically "coconut-like". For my feeling, an authentic, little artificial coco tone, although I can be wrong here, of course.

The special effect is now on the one hand, that right at the beginning quite strong woody notes accompany this creaminess. "Coco Love" is to coconut fragrances what "Mitsio Vanille" by Les Soeurs de Noé is to vanilla fragrances: part of the sweetness is deleted here without replacement and replaced by a woody note. That will be the cypriol, nagarmotha or also Cyprus grass, which is extracted in India and apparently gives fragrances a special durability. I didn't know that, but it's exactly right! I kept a trace of two sprays of Coco Love in my nose throughout the long afternoon. A soft woody creamy breeze blew around me at every turn. These woody tones combined with the creamy coconut scent evoke associations of a piece of fresh coconut flesh with the inner, dark brown husk still attached. If you've ever eaten this thin inner skin beneath the thick husk while DIY-opening-coconuts-with-an-axe, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about: juicy, creamy flesh with woody accompanying notes. That's Coco Love.

The other nice effect is precisely that the scent is only slightly sweet, at least to my subjective, gourmand-spoiled (or jaded?) perfume nose. The associations that develop based on the pyramid - cream and vanilla, how yummy! - are not confirmed at all when wearing the fragrance: only a very light, pleasant sweetness, which supports the specific coconut scent, blows around me, but I really feel it as very restrained, as if only the natural residual sweetness of the coconut is included.

Of course, that would almost be too good to be true. I'm not quite sure what else I detect besides wood and minimal sweetness. I'm sure there will be critics who find the scent over-sugared or artificial, as always. Personally, I find it strange, not very sweet, and beautiful. This is how I like to smell. The creamy note is a bit reminiscent of coconut sunscreen as well, but I see more of the edible coconut cream based on the scent experience in front of me. Yes, to be precise: I see myself under palm trees. Kissed by lips that just ate coconut meat. Yes, I am a drama queen. That's why Coco Love suits me so well
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