Smolderose 2015 Perfume Oil

Smolderose (Perfume Oil) by January Scent Project
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Smolderose (Perfume Oil) is a perfume by January Scent Project for women and men and was released in 2015. The scent is smoky-floral. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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Smoked ham served in a bed of roses
I'm currently using my year-end vacation to get order in my sample collection. Known, as interesting found fragrances undergo a new test, disliked / boring fragrances swap (looks gladly times in my folder "samples for a swap" *cough) and new perfumes extensively test.

Because of the latter, the Perfume Oil of "Smolderose" is spreading on my arm...and in the room...and in the apartment. Let's see when the first neighbors ring. My wife has probably moved out, I have not heard or seen anything from her for hours.

If the Eau de Parfum is still clearly characterized by name-giving rose and finely used smoke, the pendulum swings in the opposite direction with Perfume Oil. Right at the beginning, I smell a lot of smoked ham, overpowering, loud, intrusive. After about half an hour, rose, castoreum and a little oud join in. Everything else listed in terms of components is drowned out in this quartet. What remains for the next few hours is an animalic, sultry, slightly leathery, spicy rose incense ham of the very highest caliber. The projection and durability are (unfortunately) enormous.

From the January Scent Project I had meanwhile everything under the nose. Quite bold fragrances, usually with some contrast in the notes used, sometimes to the limit of the bearable. "Eiderantler" I still feel is the most wearable. However, this "Smolderose" variant is in last place, along with "Selperniku".
Nevertheless, I will continue to keep an eye on January Scent Project. John Biebel proves with his creations definitely courage and innovation, maybe sometime yet a fragrance pleasing to my nose is there
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