Bois Froissés 2017

Bois Froissés by Jean-Michel Duriez
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Bois Froissés is a perfume by Jean-Michel Duriez for women and men and was released in 2017. The scent is resinous-spicy. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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Atlas cedarAtlas cedar BasilBasil CinnamonCinnamon Honduras styraxHonduras styrax Somalian frankincenseSomalian frankincense Tolu balmTolu balm Virginia cedarVirginia cedar PapyrusPapyrus


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contemplative scent flow
Jean-Michael Duriez created this fragrance creation in memory of a Parisian library; its own tempo, timeless scent and unmistakable personality were to be captured in one of the brand-typical cylindrical flacons
Libraries, wherever, have a special spell on me. Ceiling-high shelves, full of books that contain stories and secrets.
Not only do valuable folios and great literature contain these; every paperback has a story in it and invites you to a journey into another world. Even these "trivial" works should not be underestimated.
The silence in these reading rooms, which is often interrupted only by the quiet rustling of turned pages; the islands of light at the individual reading places: all this seduces one to browse, linger and sometimes even find oneself.
So "Bois Froissés" is a quiet, more contemplative - yes, I almost want to say: "dry" fragrance.
Here nothing swirls and shines, no enticing glow and no shallows can be found: this work of scent art flows quietly and sympathetically unagitated.

The two types of cedar stand for a seasoning that seems edgeless and transparent.
Papyrus and the peppery note of basil harmoniously underline the already emerging calm fragrance.
Warming cinnamon and the light touch of vanilla in Styrax resin deepen the feeling of deceleration.
An almost sacral incense note carries you away into an enchanted space that encloses you in a protective way and yet promises tempting vastness.
The flattering aromatic wrapping of the Tolu Balsam, which nestles over all this, reveals the meaning of the name Duriez found for this peculiarly fascinating fragrance: "Bois Froissés" = "injured wood"!
Anyone who remembers how this balsam, which also smells slightly of vanilla, is obtained, understands this name: the bark of the balsam tree is cut up, injured!
to obtain this resinous treasure
"Bois Froissés" impressed me deeply. This fragrance composition took me into a world where all sounds and disturbances were missing; it gave me the feeling of suddenly being able to listen to my own thoughts.

Here Jean-Michel Duriez has created a very special spicy resinous fragrance, which is not simply sprayed on: he expects a certain amount of devotion, trust and then develops into a pleasant companion for hours, whose wood and smoking notes caress wonderfully.
"Bois Froissés" has an almost mystical charm, reminiscent of an invisible protective coat!

I was convinced by this magician in scent form and was reluctant to let him move on; such a surprising scent composition should not remain hidden.
Maybe he enchants and impresses other lovers of the extraordinary.

Here once again my special thanks to Turandot, who sent me the entire sample collection of this perfumer and kidnapped me in a special adventure land.
They were fragrance journeys that (with a few exceptions) really paid off.
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