Ombres Furtives 2018

Ombres Furtives by Jean-Michel Duriez
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Ombres Furtives is a perfume by Jean-Michel Duriez for women and men and was released in 2018. The scent is spicy-smoky. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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Birch woodBirch wood Charred woodCharred wood CardamomCardamom Cistus absoluteCistus absolute CocoaCocoa NutmegNutmeg White blossomsWhite blossoms White muskWhite musk LiquoriceLiquorice Star aniseStar anise Somalian frankincense absoluteSomalian frankincense absolute


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Where's Nepomuk?
In the valley of the volcanoes the sky is a kind of illusion: it smokes from all craters; smoke and smoke impregnate the air and at times it is impossible to see the proverbial hand in front of your eyes.
Through smoke and fog, large and small, very strange figures scurry: the dragons that inhabit the volcanoes scurry stealthily around.
Suddenly a sob sounds; someone cries all heartbreaking!
Somewhat away from all the volcanoes stands a single, smaller one; in its shadow sits Nepomuk weeping. He's out of fire again in the crater! And he just won't get it back on!
The other dragons are no help to him: Nepomuk is a semi-dragon and is therefore not accepted; he is constantly teased by them.
Just because his father, a proud representative of his family, fell in love with the hippo girl, he now sits here, unhappy and alone!
Fortunately for Nepomuk (and also for the rest of us!) Michael Ende lets Jim Knopf and Lukas, the locomotive driver, come by and help him.
The fire is lit again, the volcano smokes and the visibility becomes even worse: a kind of shadow kingdom is created!
Nepomuk's tears have dried; he is now untraceable: has the dense smoke swallowed him up and he stares happily into his fire?

To say it straight away: If you are not a friend of smoky fragrances, "Ombres Furtives" should not even be tested.
This fragrance smokes quite a bit and can easily scare.
But who likes, like me and other perfumes, e.g. the incense-heavy "Encens Flamboyant" with its pronounced smoke note, could be pleasantly surprised here.

The prelude of light birch wood, grated nutmeg and a good pinch of star anise alone could take some getting used to.
I like it surprisingly well, even though I'm at war with star anise from time to time.
But maybe this slightly scratchy aroma has found companions here that make it sympathetic to me.
Also a breath of cardamom is clearly noticeable, before the cistus rose interferes - also a creature of naturopathy, which does not find approval everywhere.
I like the slightly woody, balsamic scent, which reminds me a little of musk and has some barbs in the course.
In the case of cistus, the statement: "What is supposed to help must taste horrible" almost proves to be true.
The here very fragrance intensive, balsamic fragrance hugs the birch wood; despite the strong impression this fragrance composition is still quite bright.
A white-flowered chord, which I can't analyze exactly, fits well with this; it glows slightly before the woody-dark phase begins.
Frankincense of the mighty variety is followed by a long resin-dripping train; this train must have come into contact with charred wood: huge swaths of this mixture run through the previously so bright scent flow.
This extraordinary creation is rounded off by a hint of cocoa and - yes: here I experience a very personal Déjà Vu.

"Suleyken" by Siegfried Lenz rises from the depths of memory. There's a chapter called "A Love Story".
In this one the great, silent lumberjack Joseph Waldemar Gritzan is "haunted by love".
A rosy figure named Katharina Knack crosses his path of life and the story of the two highly peculiar, again very lovingly drawn people takes its course.
Both, quite silently, sit side by side on a footbridge; their feet dangle in the water.
"Then something unusual happened: Joseph Gritzan reached into his pocket, pulled out something wrapped and spoke to the girl Katharina Knack:
"Will," he said, "Liquorice?"
She wanted and the remaining love story of these two can be read at Siegfried Lenz.

Well, one thing seems certain: Jean-Michel Duriez obviously also likes liquorice!
Liquorice and cocoa skilfully grind off some unusual scent edges and prepare the way for a lot of white musk.
Otherwise I'll start complaining here at the latest, but with "Ombres Furtives" I agree with this arrangement.
Something soft and cuddly is still missing: this musk edition completes this fragrance appearance (I can't call it any other way!) harmoniously!

"A powerful composition that oscillates between hot and cold without ever being lukewarm."
This is how Jean-Michel Duriez calls this opus elsewhere.
I can only agree to that!
In "Ombres Furtives" I find a fragrance being that rests in its own universe.
It doesn't flatter; it doesn't adapt!

I'm afraid it's just friend or foe!
If you are looking for a companion of a very special kind and are not afraid to make something out of the ordinary, you will surely be impressed by these "fleeting shadows".
As I write here, a beautiful cloud of "Ombres Furtives" surrounds me.
And, yes: I like liquorice!!


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ZirkonZirkon 4 years ago
It smells clean but not like Byredo Blanche. I don't want to analyze further, this is amazing. Clear, white, cold without being fresh - JMD


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