Classique Pin-Up 2020

Classique Pin-Up by Jean Paul Gaultier
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7.9 / 10 84 Ratings
Classique Pin-Up is a popular limited perfume by Jean Paul Gaultier for women and was released in 2020. The scent is sweet-floral. The longevity is above-average. It is being marketed by Puig. Limited Edition
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We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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GingerGinger LemonLemon
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Orange blossomOrange blossom MarshmallowMarshmallow
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AmbergrisAmbergris VanillaVanilla


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Submitted by OPomone, last update on 13.09.2022.
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2 in-depth fragrance descriptions
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Top Review 15  
The more marshmallow scents the better and nicer!:D
I think it's no secret anymore that I adore marshmallow scents! The first marshmallow fragrance that always blows me away to this day is the Kilian Love Don't Be Shy...
I think I do not have to say so much about it except that I float every time when spraying or wearing this paradise fragrance on cloud 7. and the whole day I'm just happy and satisfied:))
The Princess is also a divine and seductive marshmallow fragrance is the but lighter and creamier as but also fluffier than the LDBS.
Dragee of Reminiscence is indeed an almond fragrance BUT although no marshmallow note is listed in the fragrance pyramid, I smell the hidden marshmallow note much more intense out like the almond note.
The dragee is also a beautiful and gorgeous marshmallow fragrance that goes very much in the direction of Kilian LDBS, but is not a dupe.
Giorgio Armani Si Fiori is also a beautiful and fluffy as well as very, very creamy and noble marshmallow fragrance that is accompanied by very feminine and gentle floral notes.
So why do I list all these treasures now?
To make it short, I know from many as well as from myself that, the Kilian Love Don't Be Shy is just very expensive or does not fit into the budget....
I wanted to find a fragrance that also really just as convincing as but also almost 1zu1 like the LDBS smells.
And as always, this is also a challenge for yourself to find a dupe that really smells like the beloved perfume which you can not afford or do not want, or even worse if the fragrance is no longer produced / sold.
Clearly no fragrance smells 1zu1 like another but, this difference is hardly perceived by our fellow much more by ourselves or better said by us scent noses;D
However the search has made fun (for me each fals:D) because I could discover on this fragrance journey even more scent treasures for me. (I have mainly searched only for Marshmallow fragrances)
I was found by a very, very dear and appreciated Parfuma namely the dear Elenasmom:))
If you read this many thanks again for the great recommendation:)
I got a hint that, the Classique Pin-Up of JPG a good dupe (if I may call it so) or at least a very good alternative to Kilian LDBS is.
Admittedly, in the beginning I was very, very unsure whether this fragrance would appeal to me because I have often read that the ginger note is more present than all other fragrances.
The stupid thing about the whole thing, however, is that Classique Pin-Up was/is a limited perfume and I missed that....
But I could then still get hold of a filling of it me so I can test it at least:))
Since I still have a good amount of filling of Kilian Love Don't Be Shy and now still have a nice filling of JPG Classique Pin-Up I can make a small comparison / write:))
I will now compare both to see if the Pin-Up is really a good dupe to the LDBS:))

The fragrance

JPG Classique Pin-Up (top note): Starts with a very present ginger note that tingles a bit in the nose at the beginning but at the same time, for example, in the morning can be very refreshing ;))
The lemon note gives the fragrance a very fine freshness:)

Kilian Love Don't Be Shy (top note): Starts also with a refreshing orange blossom note that wonderfully brings a fine Juicy and nectar note with it*.*
The marshmallow note is not long in coming and presents itself already in the top note from the most beautiful side.

JPG Classique Pin-Up (heart note): And there finally came the hoped for Marshmallow Note!*.*
Something I must say I am speechless! Soooo wonderfully creamy, fluffy discreet creamy and milky at the same time.... The marshmallow note in Pin Up melts into the skin like LDBS.
In LDBS, the marshmallow note is accompanied by a dark caramel note, Pin Up on the other hand is a pure marshmallow scent with LDBS DNA.
The orange blossom slowly but very gently approaches the marshmallow note which I personally like very, very much!*.*
Although no rose note is listed I mean a very gentle but equally velvety and delicate rose note to smell out BUT as already mentioned in the Pin Up is the marshmallow note most present and most intense to smell.

Kilian Love Don't Be Shy (heart + base note): Marshmallow, velvety roses paired with dark caramel note that brings a mysterious depth with it.
The orange blossom is still present and melds with every single note to create a magical and sensual progression like no other! Especially on my skin it is simply for me like a magic that touches every time anew my soul!*.*
JPG Classique Pin-Up (base note): Also there is the marshmallow paradise on my skin not to smell away*.*
The vanilla I can also slowly hear but very delicate and powdery.
Vanilla powder is sprinkled over the marshmallow and next to the marshmallow mountain are placed delicate but fragrant orange blossoms.... I can only say it is addictive and downright seductive!:D
I can only say one thing both are worth adding to any perfume collection!
Especially if you like it sweet especially if you have a big love for marshmallow scents like me.:))
And yes the Pin Up is a very good alternative to the LDBS especially if you like to save.
The H+S is very good especially on clothes until the next day noticeable.
I just say I'm just happy to have discovered such a beautiful fragrance that gives me great pleasure every time I spray it on but also seduces!;))
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Very helpful Review 23  
The ONE scent...
Since I ventured down the rabbit hole of fragrance 3 years ago, I've been allowed to discover quite a bit. For a long time, all fragrances smelled the same to me - no matter what I sniffed in the standard drugstores, everything was quasi La Vie est Belle L'Eau de Parfum for me. Thanks to Parfumo, and the great samples and sharings here, completely new worlds opened up.

I tried me through umpteen brands, niche - from Amouage to XerJoff- and Indie, extreeem expensive fragrances and extreeeem hard to get fragrances (hello "box | Slumberhouse" ). Fell in love countless times, glimpsed new horizons and fragrances I've never smelled before.
Still, I never found the ONE scent that captivated me so much that it's the only one I want to smell.

Then, quite unexpectedly, after asking about possible relatives of Mon Précieux Nectar, Classique Pin Up was recommended to me on the forum. Ok, why not order it - after all, I had already bought quite different price categories blind. I liked the Guerlain one, this one should last longer. The reviews are ok. Why not test - sell in the souk if necessary.

When it arrived, the flacon was already very kitschy and the lemon-ginger note to start with was a bit strange. But at the same time "merk-würdig". Everything that came after was gradios!!!! An adult marshmallow hint with pleasant vanilla and feminine soft orange blossom envelops me. Carried by ambergris, my favorite fragrance note, which I only notice here in a way that makes me subliminally addicted without being animalic or overbearing. Still, it's not mundane or standard. He could be qualitatively definitely niche.

Pin Up is ME! Soft, friendly, sweet without being tacky, cuddly warm, but completely without kitsch! Not pushy, just wonderfully fluffy without being childish. A pure feminine dream. And that, where he is so not at all hyped.

He lasts with me all day and is perceptible, but never intrusive. A fine sillage he has, but completely within the framework. Perfect! An Immergeher, which works at work as well as when cuddling. I just want to smell SO.

So it happened that after a 3-year fragrance journey, Ms. Silverwheel chose a banal designer flanker as her signature scent. And this after she never tolerated JPG fragrances and had long since sworn off the subject of "signature" due to the variety of fragrances ("why should you only wear ONE fragrance anymore?? How boring!")

Sometimes there's no need for a rational answer to the question. There you just wear the fragrance in 2 months as often as other "favorite" fragrances in 2 years. Sometimes a fragrance just finds you and takes you in seizure. You no longer wonder what you're going to wear in the morning, you just spray automatically. And lull yourself in the fluffy bliss of your great fragrance love. Ok, now and then I still go "strange", but I always come back in the evening at the latest. ?

I am curious how long this great love lasts. But one thing it deserves in any case: its own review!!! So herewith Pin Up is warmly recommended to all who like soft, feminine-cuddly, compatible and yet extraordinary fragrances - especially now in autumn. Anyway, I think we will have a lot of fun together. ?
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1 short view on the fragrance
ScentRedScentRed 1 year ago
Reminds me quite a bit of Le Labo Jasmin 17.
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