Boum - Vanille & Sa Pomme d'Amour 2012

Boum - Vanille & Sa Pomme d'Amour by Jeanne Arthes
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Boum - Vanille & Sa Pomme d'Amour is a popular perfume by Jeanne Arthes for women and was released in 2012. The scent is sweet-fruity. It is being marketed by Groupe Arthes. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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So beautiful
It's really fine. The word "creamy" fits perfectly, because I smell the light, powdery cream all the time. And the sweet candied apple. It could also have been called "All about Eve", because for me it would also fit well into the Garden of Eden :-)
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Gentle fruity vanilla.. like eating candy apples at the fair!
This is a very nice and subtle, sweet and warm fragrance. It's like a candy apple (or "toffee apple") in fragrance form. At the fairground, you can eat an apple on a stick dipped and covered in melted caramelised sugar. This fragrance I think tries to emulate that.

I get a very nice red apple note, surrounded by a boozy vanilla that is all around it. The vanilla is a little alcoholic and reminds me of pure vanilla extract (not so sweet, but borderline sour-sweet). All this gives a very unique "gourmand" quality to the fragrance.

The house of Jeanne Arthes is (in my experience) a house which always offers good, decent smelling fragrances for a cheap and affordable price. In fact, some of her perfumes often smell a lot more expensive than they actually are!

This is one that anyone can wear from 14 to 40. It's really inoffensive, pleasant, and people will like the sweetness I think because it's not so "generic". Like I said, the boozy vanilla mixed with the apple note is nice. Not so sugary sweet as to fit in with the countless "teen" fragrances. At least this one shows that it has grown up a little, even if it keeps it's "playful" vibe. A good buy for the money I think. You can't go wrong if you're looking for a sweet and playful vanilla with a little edge to it.
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Cherry Pipe Tobacco Surprise
The pleasant surprise awaited me with Boum Vanille Sa Pomme d’Amour. Now this one has some substance to it. As I sit here writing this seven hours later, I still can smell this enjoyable fragrance on my arm. Boum Vanille is definitely not for the faint of heart, either. It is sweet. Not necessarily candy-like sweet, although that’s the first impression.
When I first sprayed it, I thought candy apples. And I wondered how could anyone want to smell like a candy apple? But then within minutes the drydown began and I was pleasantly surprised. This perfume began to mellow down into a very pleasant cherry pipe tobacco type fragrance that is wonderful for the colder weather. The vanilla seems to sit inside the tobacco while the musk lends credence to this perfume’s solidarity. I can see myself wearing it when the weather turns brisk again next year, when snow begins to fall, and when the fireplace is going during the holidays. It’s that kind of perfume.
It lasts for hours, which for the price point of 9.99, is incredible. The bottle size is 3.4 oz with a cheesy little plastic sprayer that if you’re not too careful can easily pop off and break, so beware. But the juice inside is well worth it.
As a matter of fact, it reminds me very much of Royal Apothic Edwardian Fireplace. If you’re looking for a unisex scent that talks to you of a pipe tobacco, this is it, albeit packaged in pink. It’s not cloying at all. It can be strong depending on how it’s sprayed, but again, for the season, it’s a delight. Or, consider this a rainy day tobacco perfume. This floral-fruity certainly has it’s uses. But I can see why one would enjoy this perfume. It's different.
Again, try before you buy if you can.
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