Suddenly Fragrances - Femelle

Suddenly Fragrances - Femelle by Lidl
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Suddenly Fragrances - Femelle is a popular perfume by Lidl for women. The release year is unknown. The scent is sweet-floral. It is being marketed by WIN COSMETIC GmbH & Co. KG.
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Life Is Beautiful, Isn’t It?
I like Suddenly Fragrances, especially Femelle, and I think many of you are unnecessarily grumpy about them. Yes. I am not sorry. LIDL has to create fragrances that appeal to the mass market, and what’s better than reproducing essences inspired by well-known perfumes that work well? Femelle is a version of the intensity of caramel and cotton candy akin to La Vie est Belle L’Eau de Parfum and Mon Guerlain EAU DE PARFUM. Not to say that these three scents are the same; they seem to be in the same family of sweet, candy-like aromas. The difference? Femelle smells good; it performs well, lasts a long time, and costs at least ten times less. 

Femelle is a fruity and floral scent with a sense of oriental mystery in its last notes. From the first spray of the perfume, it is immediately clear that the fragrance is a sweet and greedy elixir and does not apologize for it. It opens with a strongly fruity and sweet flavor that provides a crisp and clear starting point for this floral fragrance. Fruit, lots of sweet and juicy ripe pear along with an artificial type of strawberry smell you might find in gummy candies. So intense, fruity in the face. The mushy top notes of the perfume allow for a sweet start to the fragrance, with the smell of pear moving to the beginning of the perfume followed by a wave of berry scent.

After the explosion of the top notes, the heart of this effortlessly sweet and fruity fragrance arrives a few minutes after the first application. This layer is where the floral nature of the fragrance comes to life and stands out. The combination of fruity and floral joins its dominant form in the middle layer of Femelle, using citrus blossoms as the key ingredient. The orange blossom slowly gives way to other floral scents, including hints of jasmine and iris that push towards the top of the scent in its middle layer. There is something mellifluous and dusty. The floral and powdery accords take over.

In the finish emerges layers of sweetness that come from the praline chocolates. The sweetness that characterizes each phase of this perfume continues with the vanilla added to the classic sweet style of this perfume. The final aromas that are released are those that add a bit of oriental mystery to the fragrance. There are noticeable touches of toasted tonka bean and chocolaty patchouli, which keep their scent throughout the day.

Femelle is a long-lasting EDP, not bad for a budget one, which can leave its mark for most of the day and evening with no recurring reapplications. It lasts several hours, and it is a suitable perfume to wear daily in the office or for business lunches. Not only is this perfume easy for the day, but it also has enough complexity and floral scents for its formula to allow it to be a hit at more formal evening events. The perfume is ideal for the colder months, for autumn and winter, as the perfume is a sweet and warm fragrance. Some may turn up their noses at this perfume because the fragrance is beautiful but safe.

I didn’t expect this perfume to have a greedy base for being so sophisticated. The soft flowers blend so beautifully with the sweet and juicy fruits. The rich, almost syrupy notes of praline vanilla, tonka bean, and patchouli add to the appeal by providing a perfect balance to the top notes. The fragrance itself is classic but perhaps a little too sweet for me. However, I’m not a fan of sweet fragrances. That said, the sweet notes fade within the first hour or so, and then it becomes more of a French floral field in the spring fragrance. It is recommended for those who love a sweet but perhaps more sophisticated fragrance.

I based the review on a 75ml bottle I have owned since May 2021. I figured out the notes according to the declared ingredients on the box.

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Jazzy76Jazzy76 2 years ago
Another dupe of La vie est belle replacing Essence Jolie. Not bad for its low price and its
quite pretty bottle. Average-good sillage.
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