Aël-Mat by Lostmarc'h
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Aël-Mat is a perfume by Lostmarc'h for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is floral-fresh. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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MuskMusk CedarCedar
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Camomile shampoo
In my eternal search for MY camomile perfume, I came across this 'apothecary of the oceans' with Breton roots. It introduced Aël-Mat as a walk on the heath. I had to look up Wikipedia to learn what a heath was, but all that did not really matter. I just came here for the camomile.

The heart of Aël-Mat is a smooth floral mix of camomile and jasmine. It comes with a fruit salad for a top note and a simple white musk for a base. There is a marine-salty undertone from beginning to end and also a slight shampoo-ish vibe. Actually, the outcome is quite a pleasing, uncomplicated summer scent.

I find the combination of camomile and jasmine interesting, and it works surprisingly well with the marine freshness. Not quite MY camomile perfume yet, but a pleasant experience nonetheless.
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Perfume For Breakfast
Oh, we can cook this! For a big pot, allow 2 teaspoons of Dragon Pearl jasmine tea, one tsp. green tea with bergamot flavour, one tsp. green tea with orange flavour, one tsp. linden blossoms, and a tea-bag chamomile. The result will resemble Aël-Mat quite a bit.

One would appreciate this blend – maybe as a vitalizing beverage for the breakfast table. Just as vitalizing is Aël-Mat, and without any doubt, it belongs to the Eau de Cologne category. I smell a pronounced jasmine note which is refreshed by citrus notes whereas a calm chamomile stays in the background.

In spite of jasmine the scent impression is not exclusively white flowers, I also get yellow blossoms. This justifies the mentioning of gorse on the Lostmarc'h web site which I rather understand as an impression, not a note that is really in there. Other attributes mentioned such as heather, salty spray and seaweed are hard to comprehend: I don't consider Aël-Mat that wild!

For the nearness to Kölnisch Wasser, we have a distinct neroli note which tends to dominate the fragrance towards the middle notes. The musky base is a very discreet surrounding without any statement of its own.

Aël-Mat is best at the top notes. Here, the composition is just perfect – all notes harmonize with each other in a very good balance. It is a joy to experience how this is just fitting. However, half an hour later, Aël-Mat starts becoming rougher. Personally, I found the neroli too strong then, leaving almost no space for the more tender notes. Maybe, one would also notice the indolic side of the jasmine.

Already after one or two hours the fragrance retreats into an indistinct leftover which is okay for an eau de cologne. The users of this perfume would do well to carry a little pocket flacon for re-applying.

Unfortunately, Aël-Mat does not exactly fill me with enthusiasm. I find the interplay between the courageously portioned jasmine and the tender citruses particularly exiting – bergamot seems to be involved. I also like the twist towards the “yellow” florals – via chamomile and maybe even linden blossom. But especially during drydown, the rough and partly fat neroli note simply blocks the beauty. To put it nastily, Aël-Mat is like d'Orsay's wonderful Tilleul layered with Mülhen's 4711! Indeed, one cannot call this perfect.

Aël-Mat has been optimized for head notes – after this, one has to compromise. At least, Aël-Mat has made me curious to look out for other combinations of strong jasmine with tender citruses. I definitely will not buy.
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