Secrets of Love - Glamour 2016

Secrets of Love - Glamour by M. Micallef
Bottle Design Martine Micallef
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7.5 / 10 73 Ratings
Secrets of Love - Glamour is a popular limited perfume by M. Micallef for women and men and was released in 2016. The scent is sweet-floral. The longevity is above-average. It is still available to purchase. Pronunciation Limited Edition
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We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Submitted by Zora, last update on 23.05.2023.
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The expulsion from paradise - the second!
The serpent lent itself quietly moaning around the gnarled old tree; it wanted to look as elegant as possible, but the burden of the years made itself felt. She moaned audibly.
That was a strange mission she had here: the new edition of the expulsion from paradise!

The good old "Garden of Eden" had not changed much over the centuries.
This pleased the serpent: over the years it preferred the familiar. Only some sandalwood trees here and younger cashmere growth there - yes, she could live with that!
The fruit trees in particular continued to delight them; they were just carrying a rich-scented heavy harvest again.

She let her gaze wander: there came the object of her desire - Eva!
Also Eva had already lost the first enamel; but the snake still found it extremely tempting.
"Eva, my most beautiful!" she purred. "It's been some Thursdays since we met here. These eternal remakes always make me very nervous: nice to see you, my most beautiful girl!
Of course they didn't give us a script again, my prettiest!
But the secrets of love we will both still be able to bring to humanity in our tried and tested way. We have enough experience: let us rather not add up our lived centuries!"

The snake looked around, then it looked a little cloudy at what it was looking for: a little glass!
The kitchen witch Graziella Dorothea had really thought of everything: even a spoon was there!
"Look Eva, what I've got here! A magical creation for our new edition of this cursed expulsion from paradise!
You have to admit, our Graziella Dorothea is very cautious: she knows that over the years the teeth are not as reliable as they used to be and only raw fruit - oh, dear, that's not so healthy for the stomach either.
So she created us a mash of love: listen carefully, most beautiful Eva!
She fetched the apple from Snow White's stepmother; the peach tree here in the garden is heavy with fruit, so she didn't have to search long. This also applies to the ripe, dark purple plum.
She added cinnamon, nutmeg and saffron from her own stock! The old seafarers gave them very rich gifts at that time.
The noble vanilla, which is still a natural erotic, got it especially for you from Madagascar!
Eva, my darling: what a gift of love - completely without shells and cores!
What do you say, most beautiful of all daughters of paradise?"

Eve still hesitated; this porridge smelled tempting - whether she could seduce Adam, the old philanderer (whereby "old" unfortunately in the meantime rather applied than the philanderer) with it?
However, she was concerned about the consequences: not the expulsion, which she had already survived once.
But the fact of being chased without garment in front of the gate of this wonderfully protective garden did not please her.
The snake suspected what was going on in his old love Eva; only she needed the promised salary (she also had to make provisions), so her undertaking had to succeed.
So she played out her collected charm.

"You know, my beautiful friend, back when you first stood in front of the gate, how tasty you were: tall and slim and enchanting to look at in your youthful nakedness. We'd rather be silent about Adam and his gooseberry legs."
The old snake giggled merrily.
"Well, I'm sure beauty: now that the enamel of youth is gone, you will show off all the glamour of the mature woman!
Don't be afraid: close your eyes and just think about the fee!"

Eva tried this really tasty, spiced porridge made of apple, peach and plum.
Oh, what an aroma!
Now it turned out that it stood right next to one of the richly flowering rose arches; the heavy scent of the white jasmine married that of the roses and the aroma from the jar!
A light breeze blew the spicy, exotic scents of the precious cashmere and sandalwoods to her.
Her resistance faded when the mysterious musk lotion with which she cared for her not so firm skin mixed into the surrounding explosion of scents!
She knew that this aroma mix would accompany her for a long time; full and round as it is now.
Where was that damn Adam again? I'm sure she'll catch him fishing again.

Oh, what was that all about? Young or old, crunchy or somewhat wrinkled - this delicacy that the good old snake offered her had to enjoy in this fragrant environment: Adam complained afterwards anyway!
Just because of the fish he was supposed to be able to catch - oh, men!

It's not known whether Micallef's composition of "Secrets of Love - Glamour" just brought you near the Garden of Eden, where this little story takes place.
But it could easily have been like this: a fragrance created in paradise was released into the cold world. There he will find it very difficult to gain a foothold, except with a few sweet-mouthed and adventurous creatures.

Because "Secrets of Love - Glamour" is like its sisters in the fragrant round dance, not easy to take.
It is also extremely sweet, fruity, aromatic and can get on your nerves under certain circumstances.
This creation is not necessarily suitable for offices and events in closed rooms.

As with "Secrets of Love - Passion", it's tempting to take a spoonful/noseful every now and then - perhaps even with a strong, hot espresso - here, too.
Only to feed on it, but certainly not recommended.
However, it is quite entertaining to test all these Micallef fragrances of the "Secrets of Love" collection, to let them work and to fathom their suitability for everyday use.

But I believe that the secrets of love are and remain secret - and that's a good thing!
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3 short views on the fragrance
NicheOnlyNicheOnly 16 days ago
Bubblegum floral. Some clean laundry vibes in the background, but mostly just a lot of bubblegum floral. Probably a women's signature scent.
0 Replies
IlonaslotIlonaslot 4 months ago
I smell a reminder of Alien in this fragrance (same family). Still a very lovely fragrance, M Micallef makes beautiful fragrances.
0 Replies
StinkypennyStinkypenny 2 years ago
Very similar to Alien but with a little more pizzazz than the current formula. Will definitely buy a full bottle once my Alien is finished.
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