Bois Iridescent 2016

Bois Iridescent by Mizensir
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8.0 / 10 40 Ratings
Bois Iridescent is a popular perfume by Mizensir for women and was released in 2016. The scent is citrusy-woody. It is still available to purchase.
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We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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BergamotBergamot Paradisone®Paradisone® Mandarin orangeMandarin orange
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IrisIris Violet leaf absoluteViolet leaf absolute
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Ceylonese sandalwoodCeylonese sandalwood Cetalox®Cetalox®


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Iris Fine Sandalwood

The fragrance starts out fresh and citric. Probably to lull the test person's olfactory habit to safety, I thought so for myself at the first sniff ...
I have no idea what exactly Paradisone® is. In any case, this component should give the top note that bright floral quality that cuts the top off the citric one.

The fragrance Fee at Beck in Munich, wanted to show me this other Iris fragrance, after the actually aimed, unfortunately, did not like to make friends with my skin.
I pretended to know who she was talking about when she enthusiastically told me that Alberto Morillas finally afforded his own brand - Mizensir. Oh, God, am I coming out as a philistine when it comes to famous perfumers? Anyway......

At first I turned to other scents at the LEN counter, without politely assuring the fairy that I would return before ... which I did, as the scent immediately went into the shopping basket. After three quarters of an hour, a very beautiful iris-sandalwood scent had formed on my wrist.

The fragrance can be described as follows:
After the citric top note has evaporated, after a few minutes a very nice undried, light sandalwood and at the same time a fresh violet leaf with iris appears.
Depending on what you focus on when you take a sniff, one or the other thing will dominate. So the perfume will stay for maybe 1.5 hours at first
Then something amazing happens, which I experienced so strikingly for the first time with a fragrance. The perfume turns completely, the sandalwood recedes into the background and Iris enters the stage and remains clear and unsaponifiable for the next hours. In the passing of time a lightly powdery sandalwood perfumed with Iris remains.

Bois Iridescent is a fragrance that oscillates between iris with violet leaves and a very light sandalwood. One can perhaps imagine it as a beautifully iridescent silk taffeta fabric in which delicate green-blue and magenta threads have been spun. An unbelievable play of colours, when such a silk is made into a luxuriously gathered ball gown. Maybe this is what is meant by iridescent.

All in all a fine iris sandalwood fragrance. Due to the bridled silage, Bois Iridescent is also a wearable fragrance for the workplace and unisex in any case.
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1 short view on the fragrance
CahueteCahuete 11 months ago
It's quite a bold association which leaves me unsettled. After some fresh-citrusy notes, comes the wood base surrounded by powdery notes.
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