Gold Collection - Oro 2018

Gold Collection - Oro by Moresque
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8.1 / 10 9 Ratings
Gold Collection - Oro is a perfume by Moresque for women and men and was released in 2018. The scent is resinous-spicy. Projection and longevity are above-average. It is still available to purchase.
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Submitted by Hermesh, last update on 27.08.2021.
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The Blood Pigeon from Milan
If you want to drive from Lake Constance to Piedmont, Milan will be in front of you at some point. To get to Alba, you turn right before Milan. Very simple, that's how the guys explained it to us. Of course we didn't check that and drove through the middle of Milan, through the 5-lane roundabouts. I only looked ahead, not backwards or to the right or to the left. Thank God I wasn't driving myself. Gitti brought us well to Alba, we checked in briefly and then went in search of food.

Where do you go when you're a stranger? Where most of the locals squat and dine. So after a short time we sat in a small Pinte, where the Italian mom cooks. First I ordered Carne cruda, we would say veal tartare, seasoned with good olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper - no shish kebab, no stupid Lollo Rosso florets, just the pure meat, flattened on a small plate and served with ciabatta. After that we had gnocchi in taleggio sauce, never eaten so well before, they were all different sizes, but the consistency and taste were unique. Gitti was not so enthusiastic. It's her own fault, if you still want to drink good wine, you don't order pickled cauliflower as antipasti. Wine blissful we fell late into our hotel beds.

The next day, it went through the country, I wanted to buy me yet my beloved La Luna e i Falo, because Asti is not far. After our wine shopping, wine tasting and a visit to the truffle fair, it was then in the evening in a private restaurant. There you knock and it is opened to one and gets a fine meal. It was chic, the waiter in a tailcoat sliced the truffles over my blood pigeon with his gloved hand. Only the blood pigeon was not good, neither roasted, nor was the meat good, too tough and who orders blood pigeon does not want it fried to death, he can just eat a meatball. Disappointed, we left after a few hours and wished we had gone back to the pub after all.

Not everything that is expensive must also be good. And not everything that's good has to be expensive. When I read today that Moresque is a perfume house from Milan, I remembered this story. The fragrance smells good, it smells like myrrh and like frankincense, doesn't last that long on my skin and that's why I was disappointed - like with Blood Dove
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