Itineris 2016

Itineris by Onyrico
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Itineris is a popular perfume by Onyrico for women and men and was released in 2016. The scent is floral-spicy. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Mandarin orangeMandarin orange OsmanthusOsmanthus SilkSilk Pink pepperPink pepper DavanaDavana
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RoseRose HeliotropeHeliotrope PeonyPeony JasmineJasmine
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MuskMusk SandalwoodSandalwood AmberAmber VanillaVanilla


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Outside our solar system
Perfume is always a bit of a luxury, but "Itineris" is a luxury perfume that you can smell at any time. A fantastic fragrance journey, a silky composition full of refinement and intelligence. He leaves well-trodden paths and makes something completely new out of the usual fragrances. You don't experience that often, even as an experienced nose...

"Itineris" doesn't just sound alien, it also sounds a little like it. Uranus and Venus call, the drawn treasure planet of Disney in cartoon form as well. It is always a small olfactory miracle to encounter such a refreshing new fragrance cross. As if one were to squeeze a tear out of the rain at the gates of Orion - to quote the bold "Blade Runner". How something so breathtaking is created from well-known fabrics such as heliotrope, rose, pepper or davana is fabulous and always rekindles one's own passion for hobby fragrances. Unfortunately, such enlightenments do not occur too often on the long, personal fragrance journey, but then they would no longer be special and something special, but everyday life. That's "Itineris" not, not at all.

I don't know exactly what it is that gives this futuristic and extra-worldly impression, perhaps most of all the heliotrope (which is mostly reminiscent of marzipan) in combination with a delicate osmanthus - but the fragrance is fascinating, captivating, enchanting in its very own way. Like silk from the Milky Way, like ivory from Xanadu, like a spa in front of the mists of a black hole, like a Verfüherin in the Oasis. Like a greenish color that doesn't have a name yet. "Itineris" lets me relax and come down, in spite of great enthusiasm. A (slightly feminine) signature scent, with which you get an aura that nobody dares to touch and with which you are automatically offered the penthouse. You may not even have to turn in your credit card. He simply has that certain something, an aristocratic grandeur from the Twilight Zone. A fragrance that this blue opera singer from "The Fifth Element" would wear. Hypnotic and pretty. Interest would be aroused by the understatement of the decade. A journey through the galaxy that truly expands horizons. Even if they are only olfactory. Amouage, for example, hasn't been this creative and fresh for years. Just sayin'.

Flacon: the shape is known, the font is arbitrary, but the violent cap tears it out again!
Sillage: pleasant and unobtrusive through the bench, but constantly different, tingling, brilliant and luxurious. Rotates noses in sleep.
Durability: high quality it can not be ragged - 9 hours.

Conclusion: what an extraordinary composition, what a high-quality dream fragrance! Amazing, productive, surprising and never boring. Interplanetary communication. I've never smelled anything like this before - after thousands of tested scents, this should be enough to say and should be a purchase or at least test argument!
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