Fabulous Me 2019

02.04.2024 - 08:40 PM

Fabulous Me

The pumpkin here isn't super recognizable, nor is it particularly beautiful (lol). ELDO x Tilda Swinton's Like This is more captivating hands down. Pumpkin has such a singular scent and I'm reminded of it every year when we carve pumpkins for Halloween. The scent of real pumpkins is greener than you'd imagine.

Fabulous Me is candy-like and unappealing at the beginning. I seldom call scents nauseating, but it is. (I secretly suspect I'm not a rhubarb kind of gal). Luckily with a bit of time, it fades and you have a much more enjoyable vanilla-sandalwood experience in the drydown, similar to Dangerous Me from the same collection.