Roter Mohn by Parfum-Individual Harry Lehmann
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Roter Mohn is a popular perfume by Parfum-Individual Harry Lehmann for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is spicy-oriental. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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A sprayer and wuuuums
Phew, it's gotten colder dear people.
What does that mean besides wearing more textiles on your body ?
Right, not only the wind direction is changing. I feel it's time to stand up to the cold wind. Because now a change is announced with the choice of the smell direction.

Today a colleague asked me if I had applied opium and in the same breath the compliment: "And on top of that so well dosed that it smells pleasantly without occupying the whole room"
Nice to meet you, though I had to tell you it wasn't opium. It's about a fragrance from a manufactory in Berlin. 10 ml bottling, 5 € for the 10 ml fragrance plus 2 € for the spray bottle, with the completely unspectacular name Red Poppy. I used it to trigger "Will have a face" on my colleague. In addition with 31 years not necessarily the target group for the Kracher smell directions of the 80 er.

I thought.

You should be a vintage fan if you want to make friends with Harry Lehmann's red poppy.
I personally am a vintage fan through and through.
In fact, red poppy can be classified in the 80's squad Opium, Cinnabar, perhaps also Samsara and Clandestine. Not because there is great similarity to the scents, although slightly reminiscent of opium he seems to remind untrained noses yet.
Orientale is red poppy in any case and can easily keep up with the silage and shelf life of the four aforementioned classics of the 80s.

However, I feel that red poppy is less glamorous than opium. Opium a typical winter evening for me Ausgeh scent, red poppy is discreetly dosed for me personally more suitable for the day.

To define single components exactly, I am too inexperienced for that.

Spicy it is, cinnamon I definitely sniff, with restrained sweetness, at the end with a pleasant soft vanilla woodiness. I also smell a little floridity. Rose ?

Why in the smell description to red poppy on the Home Page of Harry Lehmann also among other things freshly indicated is not opened up to me personally.
But perhaps this means the light, pleasant sharpness that I perceive in the top note.

For fans of the oriental Vintage Wumser absolutely empefehlenswert. But please be carefully dosed. One swab on each wrist and behind each ear is enough to score with our fellow men for hours with a pleasant silage.

Because opium I personally did not particularly like to his wedding in the 80 ern.
In retrospect, probably due to the fact that too many women confused "diesel" with perfume.

But now, some years older are both opium and red poppy dream scents for the cold months. Well dosed well remembered
Not daily, but nevertheless more often times the two come to the employment

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'Red shadows were cast by fire, the Tokay was bright as gold...'
daliah Lavi sang in one of those wonderful hits that only existed in the 70's: an exotically beautiful woman with long hair and southern embers in her eyes, dancing on stage in a colourful folklore dress with boots, while she talks in a brittle voice to wild fiddles about the passion and love of a summer night
I wear Harry Lehmann's red poppy on the back of my hand, and when I close my eyes and smell it, it all comes to me - the exoticism and passion of a time long past: the 70s. Early '80s at the most. The fiddles. The rough, rhythmic singing voice of a woman who turns in circles in a colourful, wide swinging skirt. Red poppies - symbols of oblivion and memory - under a strange sun.

Red poppy is a wonderful fragrance. Although and at the same time because he's so wonderfully yesterday. Pulsating. Demanding. Sounds of a soap sypres. In between, dust-dry flintstone and some smoke. An urgent, demanding sweetness that is not sweet, but sensual and inviting in a mature way - sometimes almost voluptuous, if you will. A fragrance that is clearly women's in terms of perfume history. Currently deconstructed clearly wearable for both women and men.

Indian folklore rock. To the tweed jacket with patches on the elbows. To look at the photo albums - back then with the old VW bus in Afghanistan, poppy fields to the horizon. To make love in the glow of a flickering fire. For barefoot dancing on the lawn, naked under the sprinkler. To drink alone at home with liqueur, holding a pile of faded letters in your lap and eyes full of tears that can finally be cried.

Conclusion, in Daliah Lavis complete words:
'Red shadows cast the fire,
bright as gold was the Tokaj -
when a stranger suddenly stood in front of me.
He looked like a gypsy,
where he came from, no one knew -
but he just took my hand.'
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