New York Intense 2014

New York Intense by Parfums de Nicolaï
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8.3 / 10 476 Ratings
New York Intense is a popular perfume by Parfums de Nicolaï for men and was released in 2014. The scent is spicy-citrusy. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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LemonLemon ThymeThyme BergamotBergamot Lemon petitgrainLemon petitgrain MugwortMugwort
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CloveClove LavenderLavender Black pepperBlack pepper ChamomileChamomile CinnamonCinnamon
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OakmossOakmoss StyraxStyrax Tonka bean absoluteTonka bean absolute VanillaVanilla FrankincenseFrankincense MuskMusk PatchouliPatchouli


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7.7200 Ratings
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New York sketches
The color of the perfume and the shape of the bottle are a perfect match: a bright, luminous fragrance. Uncompromisingly hard, smooth, angular (and that despite the lavender powdery texture).

100% classic and 100% modern and surprising. I like such opposites
A fragrance from which you can pick out every single one of the specified notes (with the exception of oakmoss and vanilla perhaps) exactly, at least if you know it. Smells of lemon like a lemon, of lavender like a fragrant sachet, of chamomile like a tea bag, and and and and.

The division into head, heart and base notes is arbitrary. However they manage to do this, the animal gland trilogy (musk-cibetgeil) from the base jumps at me in the first minutes, oh no, seconds (and even primarily there) and I take the lavender from the heart note most clearly in the wonderful (perhaps the most beautiful thing about the fragrance) Drydown, which after 8 hours is still skinny, but extremely clear, like a second skin of animal lavender latex, holds out
I think he's sexy. The little nose by my side, however, örgs. Pity.

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Line 4
Today he wore New York Intense.
Did it actually make sense to name a perfume after a city
after a city that smelled intense enough itself?
Actually, he might want to say something about the different
Scents of the city in his new novel.
But then again - what for?
In the end, it would distract too much from the actual
Plot. Which was hard enough to understand,
at least for normal people.
In any case, he liked the smell.
That of the perfume, not that of the city on the Hudson.
That's why he had sprayed it again before he got on the
Line 4 tram to go to Fröhlich Street to Fröhlichstraße. Conveniently, in the depths
of his Barbour jacket was a bottling of it. A friend
had given it to him, an architect and art connoisseur
from southern Germany. One of the few people
on whose judgment he gave anything.
He sat back and looked at the bit of
Lake Zurich that was visible in the light early evening haze.
He liked the self-consciously lemony, spicy aura of this
Fragrance. Its somehow powerhousy, oriental
Hints. Very much so. There was a lot happening at once -
like in his books. At the same time, almost old-fashioned
Men's freshness and complex spice with clove, pepper
and cinnamon hints, stabilized by very restrained
taken animalic associations.
And of course this quite controlled patchouli note,
at which he had to think involuntarily of Burt Bacharach.
Funnily enough, also of Lou Reed.
He almost enjoyed the tram ride. Anyway, it was
faster than a taxi at that hour. And it made him feel
good feeling, cleaner he felt.
He had just spent a whole hour talking to his editor
talked, in the bar of the Crown Hall.
A little glass of Yvorne Grand Cru he had drunk
and nibbled those inevitable little nuts.. they gave you there with everything.
In the end, he couldn't shake the feeling that this
Man was one of those people who just didn't understand everything didn't understand everything.
If he had taken care of the film rights with this guy in
Fröhlichstraße, he would go back
back to Germany. And without first
to Bern, to Kornfeld possibly
a cheap expressionist or a Bissier or a Bissier The financial situation was at the moment anyway not completely
unrelaxed. He might, after all, in two months' time
at Christie's when things were more stable.
He looked at his well registered horsehide
shoes. It annoyed him that the waxed lace-
senkel were almost gone again. Did you get hardly
somewhere in exactly this color and at Alden took
it took forever until an order came in. Almost a
Reason to wear only Monks.
At the Feldeggstraße stop, an elderly woman
got on got on and sat down opposite him at the window. She was
very simply dressed and held a basket on her lap,
from which lettuce and radishes peeped out.
Briefly he tried to imagine how they might
new novel. Would she be able to relate to anything in it? be able to relate to it? Or perhaps a few details
be able to gourmetize that his hero, who was a
Connoisseur and bon vivant of the purest water,
appreciated so much? appreciated so much? Probably not.
Perhaps, he thought all at once, perhaps one should
the film version a little more - well - affable?

The older woman now leaned slightly towards him.
"A fine scent it is..." she said, waving
a hand some air from his direction.
Astonished, he looked at her more closely. She was quite poorly
dressed, her grey-blue, polka-dotted dress looking more like
a sort of smock apron.
"If you don't mind, I'll tell you what they like about this
Perfume... As I gauge it, you like the
Vintage character it brings with it, as it were, right off the bat in New."
Now he was wide awake. Of course she was right - but how
could she have known?
"Well, it's no wonder. This perfume is quite
independent, but it is inspired by the very
Classics from the 80s that people like you. Chanel
Pour Monsieur Eau Concentrèe, Tiffany for Men, Heritage,
maybe also Bois du Portugal, the old Rive Gauche and
quite a few more. It has the power of that fragrance era and yet plays
its own tune, doesn't it?"
He just nodded. Quite gobsmacked.
"A semi-oriental fougère with some chypre genes,
that's one way to put it, I think. Classic, almost already
clichéd-masculine notes, but the creamy and delicate
powdery are countered, also by a certain
Sweetness. That's one thing..."
"You're right... very right... and the other?"
"There's a lot more. But what is remarkable is simply the
whole high quality of the various components.
Almost a bit shameful for other brands, when
one considers times, as gladly the Ifra as a reason cited
for changes in fragrance character. New York
Intense smells like Ifra never existed..."
"I never thought about that before..."
"But you can if you want to..."
"Yeah, sure... And the name - why New York?"
He spoke to her now as if to someone who might be able to answer all
Questions could answer.
"Well, names... But there are references, if you
think of the character of the city... At the same time, the
Nucleus of the United States, if you will,
so historical depth. And at the same time a very modern,
still somehow innovative-looking cosmopolitan city,
no matter what is true or just image maintenance. And, even
if this may sound worn out - a melting pot
of nations, cultures, lifestyles. Just as the
Fragrance melds disparate notes...
"Well, yes, I'm with you there..."
"But I have to get out..."
She got up and went to the door, which was just swinging open.
Only now did he notice - he had long since passed his stopping
station and was approaching the terminus
Tiefenbrunn station.
He decided to just sit tight and get off on the
Return trip this time to get off in time.
The slightly sweet, somehow indulgent and clearly
nostalgic drydown surrounded him now.
Vanilla brought something comforting into play, something
that could cushion childish nagging tones just as well as oak-moss
Possibly even arrogance, know-it-all-ness.
Anyway, she couldn't have called it Paris, that would be
rather a name for Bel Ami. Berlin also not, London
just as little, because despite lavender was here too little
really British.
No, New York - that was getting there all right.
But just who had this lady been? He realized
all at once that in his memory he already
as a lady.
Somehow she seemed to him like a character from one of his
Novels. At the same time, he couldn't shake the feeling that
quite fictional himself.
Although he was too young for it, he liked it at times,
to compare himself to Woody Allen.
Another New York reference, isn't it?
The train squealed loudly as it rounded the bend, it sounded
almost as if it were trying to shatter cherished clichés.
He caught a glimpse of the lake, the water clear
and shimmering purple-bluish, but in some places,
where the clouds seemed to sink deeper into it, it looked
strangely green-olive, like a soup that someone
had to spoon out.


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Very helpful Review 23  
yes the big apple rooft :)
yes I take over times
and tell times
from the city that never sleeps

new york new york intense

yeah right - ask all the fans
then you know what you call me from now on
because you know me now and from now on only
you're only going to be running around broadway smelling good

i am the perfect mixture of hard and soft that's why my aura makes it across the pond classic modern everything comes at the same time
when patricia hands you the bottle in anticipation
ayayay - yes quite right from nicolai

new york new york intense

mugwort oak moss and biebergeil
fuse in the nose to salvation
you too come on the journey of discovery because
the chances are good and together we go steep

the big apple is calling and if you try me
be sure I'm as good as my reputation
the madame who created me will gladly provide you with
a sample the proof



i must admit that I was amazed at the first test of new york intense from the house nicolaï in retrospect not bad - because I did not know the score list in advance and could honestly not believe that I liked him so much after I've looked at the various fragrances.
i have it actually not at all with animalic notes - there's then with me personally experience quite quickly in the nasentilt as with quite a few harsh oud or guaiac wood compositions.

here, however, we have some of my end opponents united and they please me.

so once again the lesson - own nose rules - it can't be said often enough and i think if you too are that bit biased at such compositions new york intense could be a real exception.

especially even if you like, for example, real perfume classics this is a pretty cool and timeless interpretation transferred into modern times.

from therefore - ran to the test much fun thereby and perhaps he convinces yes also you. i am already very curious about your impressions and invite you gladly to share them with me in the comments.

375 Reviews
Very helpful Review 5  
Intense indeed
Upon spraying this perfume leaves a high quality impression. High end sophistication. Old school fougère comes to mind, but that wouldn’t do it justice. There’s a lot more going on in New York. Intense. A number of plots.

Particularly in the first 4-5 hours the scent morphs smoothly between sparkling citrus, an aromatic pepper-clove heat and an exciting base of moss, vanilla, resin and animalic musks.

What prevents me from giving this a greater score is the late drydown, after 6+ hours, where the moss and musk fade out and the oriental Guerlainesque vanilla takes over. Still a pleasant quality scent, just not how I wished the plot would end.

This perfume and its older sibling New York are rather similar. To my nose the Intense version is more pepper less clove, more civet less resin. Both have excellent performance.

I love that Nicolai offers 30ml bottles. Will get one of NYI for sure, if not a 100ml. Nicolai has surely impressed me with this one. Time to get familiar with the rest of the collection!

12 Reviews
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Just Wow!!!
This fragrance is out of this world. Pay this rant no mind but this frag gets busy. On the opening it is strong as an ox. On the opening this fragrance smells simple and dated. I could compare it to Polo green or any generic scent like old spice or brut. That's when the magic happens. The lemon and bergamot bloom after the the alcohol smells dries down and it's amazing. Normally I would not break character and have to write about a fragrance from my collection but it's oh-so-worthy. This composition mixes the old with the new in my opinion without using anything synthetic. Pour monsieur and Edition Blanche by Chanel can all take seats. The king is here. To explain how this fragrance works I will say that it smells like a lemon tart from from a fancy restaurant. This balanced and I could smell most notes of this for at least two hours. It went from citrusy to masculine and brut. This frag much like Aventus make cross over into every style of fragrance since it drew notes from all across the spectrum. Don't miss out on this as I think it's my new all time favorite.
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12 short views on the fragrance
BertolucciKBertolucciK 2 years ago
Spicy, bright citrusy and herbal green opening. The drydown is a classy balsamic fougère, oakmoss with smoky woods and a hint of vanilla.
BamBamNYCBamBamNYC 11 months ago
Citrus alpine-herb candy, moss and patchouli, supersaturated with intense contrast. Straddles chypre and fougere. Nicolai’s magnum opus.
DenisGrailsDenisGrails 1 year ago
A true masculine claasic ,that i would see myself wearing even in the next 20 years ! In the case of NYI , time is just a number !
ParfumeourParfumeour 2 years ago
This is the ultimate man's cologne, better than any masculine fragrance I tired, a compliment magnet, a beast mode fragrance. Age: 25> !
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Finerthings8Finerthings8 3 years ago
I love the green opening,animalic touches.unfortunately it was tad sweet for me when vanilla kicks in.Orher then that it is very good offer
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