Portraits - The Ingénue Cousin Flora 2019

Portraits - The Ingénue Cousin Flora by Penhaligon's
Bottle Design Marc Ange, Illustration: Kristjana S Williams
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7.3 / 10 56 Ratings
Portraits - The Ingénue Cousin Flora is a perfume by Penhaligon's for women and was released in 2019. The scent is citrusy-fresh. It is being marketed by Puig. Pronunciation
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Top Notes Top Notes Citrus fruitsCitrus fruits
Heart Notes Heart Notes MuskMusk
Base Notes Base Notes AmbroxanAmbroxan


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Submitted by Psotka, last update on 06.01.2023.
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A very British affair
Penhaligon's fun facts:
-Puig has in 2016 with Penhaligon's still a fat minus drive in.
-Churchill was proven to be wearing Blenheim Bouquet.
-There was a hammam near Jermyn Street. The fragrance that blew across from this oriental bathhouse provided the inspiration for Penhaligon's first creation (sadly reformulated, what did you expect?).
-According to the website, the Penhaligon's are still manufactured in Great Britain today, not in Barcelona, where the owner Puig sits.

He is desperately trying to tie in with the Portrait 's series of urenglish clichés. In the perfumery of my confidence I recently received a whole family tree of imaginary lords, ladies, cousins and cousins, which I'm not really interested in.
Forthyth saga à la Penhaligon's may inspire the imagination, but the perfumes themselves don't get any better for me when I imagine Lady Yasmin cheating on her Lord Henry with Matthew, while cousin Flora in the kitchen tries the butler lemon sorbet, although James was supposed to drive Duke Alfred to his country estate in Northamptonshire.
Penhaligon's is also "appointed by the Prince of Wales" and already Vicki, yes, the long-lived great-great-grandmother with the German Albert, enjoyed Penhaligon's fragrances.

Now someone understands these Brits... (and then please contact me).
In the House of Commons, the following questions are discussed for a change: 1. Why did they allow a Catalan company to buy up Penhaligon's, a company with a long tradition?
2. Is that possibly a reason for the Brexit?
3. Does Teresa May wear a drop of "Cousin Flora" around her neckline next to the tasteless giant chains? 4.Does Teresa May have a neckline at all?
5.And what do you think the mini-Trump Boris uses? (There may be something for him from Johnson & Johnson.)
6. In protest against the establishment, does Jeremy Corbyn never buy fragrances from Penhaligon's or does he value the brand precisely because it is no longer in British hands?
7. And who wants to know all this crap anyway?


The dear cousin Flora at least is not to blame for the Brexit - chaos, because she comes across very straight and unspectacular.
Only a few years ago she bought 'Ô de Lancôme' at Debenham's (and not at Harrods). This seems a bit too continental-European to her today, after all she voted for the Brexit and wants to promote a very British product and its success on the devil come out. Unfortunately, she hardly reads any newspapers and has no idea about the Catalan takeover. On the subject of "lemon" she forgot that in England citrus fruits grow only in very few places. In Spain on the other hand...
Flora hasn't really thought along Her only concern, selfish as she is, was to get something fresh that could wake the dead from the top note. And permanently she had this French Eau - Ô in the back of her mind. After all, she knew that
Ô de Lancôme' is a chypre, which helped her avoid this kind of unnecessary French decadence. So Flora opted for musk in its simple, machine-washing form.
Their motto: Good does not have to be complicated!
Lemon Curd also tastes good without toast!
Oh yes, for cost reasons (the Germans from Holzminden have once again made a super special offer) the drydown consists of Ambroxan. Cheap and practical for the manufacturer Puig. Somehow it's time to start making a profit for the Southern Europeans.

Penhaligon's next and last fragrance from the Portrait series will be called "Undertaker David" and will be dedicated to the man to whom Britain and the EU owe all the chaos.
Cousin Flora, the flowery one who doesn't like flowers at all, spends her next holidays in Belgium. There she wants to meet a certain Mr. PUIG-Démon.
Praise the Lord: The lemon top note did bring something. Flora's brain has grown.
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