Safari 1989 Parfum

Safari (Parfum) by Ralph Lauren
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9.0 / 10 10 Ratings
Safari (Parfum) is a popular perfume by Ralph Lauren for women and was released in 1989. The scent is floral-chypreartig. Projection and longevity are above-average. It was last marketed by L'Oréal.
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We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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GalbanumGalbanum AldehydesAldehydes HyacinthHyacinth Pot marigoldPot marigold Mandarin orangeMandarin orange OrangeOrange BlackcurrantBlackcurrant
Heart Notes Heart Notes
NarcissusNarcissus Orange blossomOrange blossom JasmineJasmine Lily of the valleyLily of the valley Orris rootOrris root RosemaryRosemary RoseRose
Base Notes Base Notes
MossMoss AmberAmber CedarCedar PatchouliPatchouli SandalwoodSandalwood VetiverVetiver


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Submitted by AuroraPolare, last update on 06.05.2022.
Variant of the fragrance concentration
This is a variant of the perfume Safari (Eau de Parfum) by Ralph Lauren, which differs in concentration.
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KV 622 - Beyond Africa
"I had a farm in Africa..." Who does not know these words from "off", with which the brilliant director Sydney Pollak begins his masterpiece "Beyond Africa" so impressively.
Even for someone who sits in his cinema seat with no preconceived ideas, this is the start of a journey of colours and tones and unmistakable impressions.
I came to this experience many years ago that evening more or less by chance:
I had nothing else in mind, the film was on the program of the Berlin "Urania", the ticket price was moderate due to the membership there, cloakroom could be given away for free and a small snack right after office hours before the film started.
All the fuss in the months before had more or less passed me by until this moment: it was all too eccentric for me - too many celebrity tears, too many emotions! But dream journeys can also begin like this.

These criteria did not play a role in my request for a bottling of Ralph Lauren's "Safari".
I was allowed to choose some fragrance bottlings from the exquisite collection of the lovely Ttfortwo and she generously left me not a few drops of the perfume.
(She was already hugged for this; therefore here only a repeated "Thank you!")
At the time of its appearance, this fragrance, like so many at the time, had passed me by; so now was the right time to give it the attention it deserved.

Both - film and perfume - have one thing in common: they consist of an incomparably dense fabric of images, colours and sounds; the scent also delivers this on first contact.
The senses become wide and get involved in an almost indescribable adventure; "Safari" casts its spell, lets you float.
The complexity of this fragrance makes it very difficult to identify individual fragrance components.
It offers a sequence of impressions that can be expressed in colours and tones that flow into each other, accompany each other and build on each other: a fragrance-harmonious whole, in other words!

So "Safari" does not open shyly; it immediately invites you to the legendary flight over the savannah from the film.
It's easy to feel the need to switch places behind the charismatic Robert Redford with the impressive Meryl Streep. (Let's be honest: what woman wouldn't want that?)
In contrast to his role in "The Great Gatsby", he is less decadent here (if only because the constant cliché "Old Boy" is missing), more romantic and masculine sensitive; it fits so perfectly with the fairytale film music by John Barry that accompanies this flight.
The result is a sophisticated and yet seemingly natural combination of the individual fragrances, the likes of which I have not often experienced before. Here every tone, every fragrance is right!
The rich fruity tones of the top note are found full-bodied in the landscape crossed in the small yellow plane: light yellow, various shades of brown and green accompany this fragrance journey, enhanced by the sunlight-like shimmering of the aldehydes.
Their effect of light and shadow, also enlivened by the herds of animals moving away, is further enhanced by the extended family of the most opulent floral scents.
A classic bouquet of feminine scents is presented: led by the immense beauty of jasmine and lily of the valley and the fragrant rose.
This previous scent fabric is so densely and skilfully composed that not one thread/scent should be changed: only a small change of nuances would cause this intense beauty to crash.
So she floats, together with me on John Barry's tones to the "Beyond Africa" suite and feels great!
Rosemary initiates a change of scene: the sunny side of Africa and thus of this fragrant image approaches the mystery of a tropical night.
A flickering campfire picturesquely illuminates the scene of the completely absorbed couple, harmoniously embedded between tent and Landrover.
Now comes the moment when the old funnel gramophone is set in motion: the Adagio from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Clarinet Concerto (KV 622) enchants the night in a floating and sensual way.
The warmth of sound of the clarinet is now recalled by the earthy-woody scents of the dreamlike "Safari" base:
The damp, earthy dark green of vetiver and rich moss cushions, paired with the golden-brown flow of patchouli fragrance, accompanied by rich sandalwood and silky spicy cedar wood aromas, swings into the wide dark space of the night vibrating with sensuality and devotion.
Amber finally adds the glow of the stars in the velvety dark sky.
The result is a true "fragrance blockbuster" with all the necessary, luxurious facets that influence the senses.

Ralph Lauren's "Safari" in perfume concentration is more than just a successful, impressive fragrance composition.
This masterpiece can fascinate, entice, enrapture, inspire - in short: it can tell stories and offers every prerequisite to experience your own fairy tale!
It allows a woman to be completely feminine, without forcing her to dress up, to adapt: the natural charm of its wearer sparkles and shines!
To wear "Safari" means to float on a pompous but not overloaded fragrance cloud into your own individual adventure.
The "red carpet" for it is rolled out: with this scent creature it can be easily conquered!
"Safari" deserves applause (and therefore the place as my 500th comment):
Honour to whom honour is due!
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1 short view on the fragrance
TruckladyTrucklady 4 years ago
Galbanum in sun drenched, lazy midday summer. If you listen hard, you'll hear the dry grass reeds hum in the breeze.
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