Fattan pour Homme by Rasasi

Fattan pour Homme

12.02.2024 - 07:54 AM
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Probably the best fragrance for this price range

I recently bought this fragrance as a perfume sample from Süsskind to get a taste of the world of Arabic and budget-friendly fragrances.

In my opinion, the grapefruit aroma develops most strongly after the first application. Shortly afterwards, after about 10 minutes, you quickly notice that Rasasi Fattan develops into a rather woody fragrance. The grapefruit is still present, but has receded into the background. Now more earthy scents come to the fore. The finish after around 7 hours is also very earthy and yet soft at the same time.

Personally, I find the fragrance very refreshing and perfect for spring. I'm already wearing it on not too cold days.

As I said before, I am satisfied with the longevity. Sillage is also good. The scent is strongly perceptible from the outside, but fortunately not too pungent and intense. Unfortunately, I can't say anything about the bottle - I only have a sample at the moment.

Price-performance ratio is definitely top. Especially compared to Zara fragrances, Fattan smells much less synthetic and also lasts longer on the skin. You pay around €15-20 for 50ml. I think that's really good value for this quality.

I will definitely be buying this. And I would advise everyone to buy a sample (I would also buy Fattan blind) and see for yourself.

As an everyday fragrance, especially for students, this fragrance is a real fit.
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