Lôant Collection - Lôvann by Santi Burgas

Lôant Collection - Lôvann 2013

22.07.2013 - 11:04 AM
Very helpful Review

Warm, soft, cuddly - I like it

Fanfan20 has told you a lot already - LoVann is a basenote module that is destined to layer with the linker module LoAnt and one of the three topnote modules LoRose, LoBitt or LoJazz. It's perfectly wearable on its own as well.
In general I find the concept very exciting, although the wheel isn't reinvented here (then again, why should it?). Etro or TheBodyShop for example did some similar systems that found some success in the market.

LoVann is a warm, gourmand vanilla scent with fresh, zesty red apple that bares big similarity to the likes of Lann Ael or Traversee du Bosphore. Both scents I own/owned and love/loved and therefore LoVann is predestined to appeal to me - which it does ;-)
On its own LoVann is quite detectable, although not necessarily space-filling. I tried the combination with LoRose and noted that the vanilla scent stays more in the background and warms up the rose scent, making it turn out rounder and softer, yet it loses a bit of its presence. There isn't much developement in LoVann (worn solely). All notes are there from the beginning and stay there over the course of time. However it loses most of its zesty fruitiness after about 2 hours.

If I wouldn't own Lann Ael, LoVann would be something I would buy because I really like it and think it's a nice, cuddly scent.

(translated by Franfan20)
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