Casting Shadows 2017 Perfume

Casting Shadows (Perfume) by Solstice Scents
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Casting Shadows (Perfume) is a perfume by Solstice Scents for women and men and was released in 2017. The scent is resinous-smoky. It is still available to purchase.
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AmberAmber Nag ChampaNag Champa Wood smokeWood smoke Maple leafMaple leaf

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The time of long shadows
Autumn has decided to leave our village. The maple leaves glow like fire, even the sun hardly shows itself anymore, it creeps behind trees and shimmers like amber. It casts long shadows over the empty fields, where lonely the scarecrow is already sleeping standing up, the birds are long gone through the woods, where the warmth of the colors of winter is now maturing.
The amber glows reddish-brown across the field through my window, it flows warm and spicy over the wall into my room, like maple syrup, only more austere and discreet. And in the fireplace a fire is already crackling softly, the warming embers of all the dry woods, which one has collected in the heat of summer, at the time of all the wild festivals and rites, now it is the scent of the champaka blossoms, which, smoky with the creamy sandalwood, reminds me of rushing solstice festivals.
Then on the ceiling the dark amber glows, carried by the smoky nag Champa, while on the floorboards maple leaves fall humidly and all are traversed thread by thread by the scent of the fireplace fire and through a gap in the window arch, after a few hours the vapours, the heat and then it becomes night.
"Casting Shadows" is for the season of longer shadows. The fragrance successfully combines the bitter-sweet warmth of amber, which is underlined by the nag Champa flowery-sandald-smoky, with rather discreet wood smoke, which increases slightly over time. The moist maple leaves give the fragrance a certain lightness at the beginning, while at the same time providing the necessary counterbalance to the sweetness and smoke and completing the autumnal picture before the eyes. The oil is mainly perceptible at close range for about five hours.
Solstice Scents from Gainesville, Florida produce their EdPs and oils in small runs, some seasonal and some rotary. They are therefore subject to slight fluctuations and are only available at certain times, which can be taken from the homepage.
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