Harrods H Mamba 2015

Harrods H Mamba by Stéphane Humbert Lucas
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7.8 / 10 43 Ratings
Harrods H Mamba is a popular perfume by Stéphane Humbert Lucas for women and men and was released in 2015. The scent is woody-spicy. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Smoky-brutal crusades
I couldn't hide it. As much as I tried to control myself, I could not hold back my enthusiasm.
It's definitely about me. Stephane Humbert Lucas inspired me with his inspiration and perfume art in one fell swoop. Those who follow me or read my comments more often know which fragrance it is. For me, Black Gemstone was and is more than just a fragrance, it is a story that captivates you and never lets you out of its dark clutches. Since it developed directly into my new signature fragrance after a short time, I would like to remain faithful to this great brand with my testing so much.

There are three fragrances on the agenda, which made me curious by their presentation as well as by the comments and statements. First of all we have Soleil de Jeddah, then Mortal Skin and last but not least this Harrods, which was reviewed today. The latter is probably the most difficult fragrance to organize, because hardly anyone has it in their collection (THANK YOU again to the donor) and on the other hand it is much too expensive for a blind buy. At the moment it is about 7,22 Euro per ml with shipping from Harrods.

Since our passion for perfume can also get out of hand, we like to test the more daring or more intense fragrances.

But one thing I noticed again with this scent. The fragrances of Stephane Humbert Lucas always tell a wonderful story. There are always images projected into my head, so that I need to rest while testing to absorb everything in the right perception. While the Black Gemstone was a dark and frightening experience, the story of Harrods is more at home in the Arabian Nights. I have the feeling that the brand always wants to evoke something menacing with its fragrances. Even this fragrance doesn't tell the good side of the Arabian-oriental latitudes.

It is a story full of conflict, violence and intrigue. To the times of the crusades, when the crusaders attacked and besieged the neutral and supportive city of Damascus.
You can smell the fires in your mind, burning trees full of resin The troops ride with their cleaned leather saddles and groomed horses towards the gates.
In the air you can hear the warming temperatures, exotic spices and screams echoing out of the city.

Although the siege lasted only five days, allies became enemies, enemies became vassals and friends became guilty
Like its dark brother, the fragrance is capable of doing more than just being an accessory on people's necks. Much more a statement, a story, an emotion. Few people manage to give the fragrance more to convince its wearer of its worth. It may only be my second fragrance by Stephane Humbert Lucas, but the intention of the creations seems to become clear. Apparently there is a lot of inspiration to tell enough stories and so I can't give this fragrance a bad rating either
To describe the fragrance in short form, one word is enough: "liquorice".
Sounds not only unusual, but sniffs exquisitely and very aromatic. Of course, the fragrance can be broken down into its individual notes, but the overall structure sniffs like liquorice.
The start is dominated by smoke, slightly sweetened powder (iris root) and something dirty. I would attribute this in parts to the oud and is convincing all along the line. Although the start is already so full, I like the coming heart note much better. After about an hour notes like leather and amber join in. The leather gives the fragrance a few rough edges, while the resinous notes soften the creation, so that all the notes unite even better and become finely woven.
As soon as the fragrance arrives at the base, the powdery note is largely masked and the smoke dissipates, so that there is a clear view again.

One can again positively emphasize the performance of this fragrance. Two sprayers and the day is yours. Only after 7 to 8 hours+ the durability reaches its limits and lets the fragrance disappear in the desert of 1001 nights. The Sillage is also once again very pleasant and lets the wearer float half the time in a small bubble of powder and leathery smoke before there is any skin proximity.

But now to the most urgent question for me, would you like to sniff like a piece of liquorice, roughly and crudely said?
I have doubts whether the fragrance is acceptable for me, because I also classify it a bit as a concept or art fragrance. Just try something, especially if it is an exclusive product for Harrods. But you have to say it, it is wonderful, so soft, so different, so incomparable. I can't consider my evaluation as finished, because I'm struggling with myself and I'm undecided between an 8.5 and a 9.5.
As unique as the extraordinary flacon, which is beyond any doubt. The green-oriental snake has snapped shut and injected Harrods into the blood. I am confused.
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Different than expected
The dear Serenissima has not only made me this fragrance "palatable" with her comment, but also left me a few (the last?) drops. Thank you.

Yesterday I sprayed on Harrods for the first time: liquorice and a hint of smoke, or no, more like light tobacco. That was it. Irritated, I looked again at the fragrance pyramid. I had interpreted iris root as licorice in a fragrance before. Now, it seems to be happening to me again at 'Harrods. Today, I sprayed the last drops on my wrist and towards my neck. The only change I perceive from yesterday is that a slight fruitiness has joined it. I wouldn't go for leather today either. So H shows up with me as a lovely, slightly fruity licorice scent with a hint of tobacco, and from the start to the evaporation without a change detectable for me, except that it is weakening.

I find the fragrance so quite okay, even if I had expected something else, but from the stool he does not blow me now
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do we need him?
To answer that question right away: Of course we don't "need" him!
But it's beautiful!
And durable!
And thrifty!
And getting to know him is just a pleasure!
So the decision is also up to everyone here!

"Harrods" lets Styrax blossom fully with me, this also in the incense gladly used resin, (and that with my fish blood!).
I always describe the typical Styrax aroma as: "Vanilla with a touch of grated clove and grated nutmeg".
Uniquely sweet, warm and sensual in fragrance, but also with the motto: "If you like it, you like it!"

Here at "Harrods" Styrax explodes, putting all its power into the initial embrace.
Due to this sympathy bearer my anxiety threshold concerning leather and oud is much lower from the beginning: both have already developed full and strong until I emerge from my "Styrax intoxication".
I haven't encountered such a harmoniously rounded scent composition in a long time, which opens up to me from the base here. Each fragrant mosaic stone fits exactly where it is now!
Fragrances that are not my favorites captivate me right from the beginning and until the fragrance fades. Only when is that?
Slowly, Osmanthus, this unconventional, slightly musty smelling tea blossom creature, the picking result of only one night, is now also dareing to come out.
It has an interesting dosed iris root and a lot of gold spraying smoky amber in tow!

Once again, Stéphane Humbert Lucas has created a fascinating work of art from just a few scents!
And that for many hours: in the evening, sprayed on instead of a nightgown, it is still there in the morning and even survives a long, much too warm wellness bath!
This has never created a fragrance before!

In any case, it was worthwhile to browse through the "to go" samples of my dear Parfumista once again:
"Harrods" is a sorcerer, a seducer and a very gallant companion!

I meet a smart guy who might be annoying as well.
Like one of these admirers, who is very enchanting through his appearance and esprit; but whose attachment could also turn into the opposite.
The question that comes to my mind is: "How do I get rid of this ghost that I called and that has me firmly under control at the moment, if necessary?"
I'm sure washing helps with the laundry, but can I skin myself?
At the moment we both still like to cuddle together; how much longer ...

As with most of SHL's fragrances, I'm thrilled with the ingenuity and extreme appeal of "Harrods", the mixture in the familiar bottle But I wouldn't buy this great fragrance: I'm not talking about the price; I know it won't take long and we're getting on each other's nerves!
There is a generous filling the better way; a way on which I will walk very devotedly for a while!

"Harrods" is - as one of my favorite authors would write here: a very fine stuff!
That says it all!
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