Fruitchouli Flash 2016

Fruitchouli Flash by Tauerville
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Fruitchouli Flash is a perfume by Tauerville for women and men and was released in 2016. The scent is fruity-sweet. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Fruit salad between the flower bed
Hmm... I have never tested Tauerville fragrances before and I have to say that I always confused this brand with Tauer Perfumes until I finally checked Depp, that Tauerville is also from Andy Tauer, who wants to create more creative fragrances with the Tauerville label... :D

Now comes my first Tauerville and I wonder what it smells like. Hm, he's supposed to smell very fruity. Like fruit salad... hmm... delicious, I could do that again! But let's be honest, at the thought of peeling and cutting all the fruit first (not to mention throwing it all in a bowl and disposing of all the fruit bowls and so on...), you probably reach back into the chip bag anyway, aren't you? Or, if you want to live a little healthier, into these ready-made fruit salad mixes in the S and U stations, he he :D
And yes, I am sometimes lazy, but only on such hot days as today again!

But anyway, I've tested this scent now. And although most of you seem to like it here, it really hasn't become my scent at all... really not, but all those who want something new or different under their noses might be here at the right address!

The fragrance:
The fragrance starts with fruity-sweet notes, which smell like apricots and peaches, but there is still a note, which seems to me somehow quite disturbing. Something that doesn't really smell pleasant. It could be the Patchouli, but it's still unfolding. This note remains throughout the entire course of the fragrance and could not please everyone. It may fade away in some places, but in the later base it really does hit again and smells very unpleasant for me personally.
The fragrance is sweet as well, with the sweetness not only coming from the fruits, but also a little bit reminiscent of jasmine or violet. Later it turns out that this flowery sweetness was apparently rather a mix of fruit salad and roses :D
Anyway, in the background you can smell more flowery notes, which I can't identify at all and which (you can guess what I'm about to say...) smell a little bit stuffy, but because of the fruity notes this stuffy note hasn't turned out to be too dry.
You can also smell the fruity notes all the time, but from the heart they are more like a mix of different fruits that you can no longer tell apart. In addition, one has the feeling that the fruits sometimes appear overripe. In any case this scent impression together with the special scented patchouli remains until the end. And as I said, there is always the unpleasant, disturbing scent, which sometimes reminds me of scents like Black Orchid, which I don't like, but which many others here seem to really like...

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is quite good, so you don't have to get very close to smell the scent of one. A cloud of scent remains, too.
The shelf life is also quite good, as the fragrance lasts until evening and only slowly fades away.

The bottle:
Hmm... for some reason the bottles somehow remind me of the bottles of the Demeter fragrances... Anyway, the bottle is rectangular and quite simple. The label is two-tone and a little minimalistic, but nicely done. The lid is cylindrical and slightly high. Well... there are better flacons, even under the niche scents.

Fruitchouli Flash smells exactly as it sounds, namely like fruit and patchouli. But the fruits smell in two different ways. Namely once overripe (from close up, for example when one smells at the sprayed place) and once nice after delicious fruit salad (in the fragrance cloud).
The patchouli, however, gives the whole thing a rather special touch, which takes getting used to and might not suit everyone's taste. Especially in the later base this one scent doesn't really like (at least not me), that means, you have to have a weakness for scents like the mentioned Black Orchid (or Orchid Soleil) to like scents like this one. I can only advise all the others to take their legs in their hands as quickly as possible and run away with such a fragrance!!

Well, my fragrance isn't that, but especially all those who want to smell something "new" or something "different" can take a look here, especially if you think that many fragrances would only smell the same anyway.

It is best worn in autumn, as it is heavy and could quickly become overwhelming on warmer days. To go out he is perhaps a bit too special, because quite honestly, with it you don't seem particularly tasty to bite, at least not for me :D
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Sophisticated Hippy
Just got this today, and couldn't wait to write about it! Who would think that Andy Tauer would dare make a fruit patchouli fragrance! Well, he did, and it's Fabulous! I even bought this blind, as I know Andy Tauer perfumes, as have tested nearly all of them, and own a few as well. I love this one! The fruit is so doesn't come across as a overwhelming peachy just does what is expected..a touch of peach, and the apricot is a bit deeper into the heart. The rose isn't the main player is soft, and blends so nicely with the fruits. The star of the show, in my opinion, is the patchouli ! What a darling patchouli! A calm, grown up knows when to make its appearance without being overbearing. It knows it's place..and it has a slight ego. It appears when you want it to, and doesn't disappoint ! It is still a patchouli , but he's now a sophisticated hippy..the timing is perfect, as well as the strength .
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