Burning Rain of Death by The Strange South

Burning Rain of Death 2017

31.01.2020 - 04:20 AM

A Chasm Between the Name and the Experience

With a name like Burning Rain of Death, you knew I would end up reviewing this scent. What I discovered was not some awe-inspiring scent heralding the end of the age, but instead something initially promising, but eventually confusing.

My first experience began the best, with mulled wine; clove showed up next to amp up the spices, followed by the spices growing arid. This is the first thirty minutes and so far, as they say, I'm loving it. Then the dragon's blood announces itself, like the guy who has to attend every party but nobody ever invites. Before an hour is up, it's dusty dragon's blood, and it's gone by hour four.

Somewhat warily, I tried again. This time, I sacrificed the back of my wrists. There it blossomed into faint dragon's blood and stayed there, barely perceptible, for hours.

I resigned myself to one last shot. This time, the patchouli showed up, brightened a bit by stryax. Dragon's blood comes around (of course!), but the combination is generic and so uninteresting it hurts to type about it.

So, what do I make of this scent? It has some notes in it that I love and they seem to work, but only sometimes. Even when they do, they don't last, and the projection is never fantastic. At best it's 1' in the first thirty minutes to an hour. A chasm opened up between the name and the experience; between the bottle and the scent, falls the Shadow. Life is so very long...

Less poetically, this one is an epic miss. Perhaps on a different skin type it would work, but for me, it's like a fizzling sparkler, not a burning rain of death.
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