Afrodite 2018

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A popular perfume by Tiziana Terenzi for women and men, released in 2018. The scent is floral-powdery. It is being marketed by Cereria Terenzi Evelino.

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LilacLilac Pink pepperPink pepper VanillaVanilla White currantWhite currant White peachWhite peach
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Lily of the valleyLily of the valley Tuberose absoluteTuberose absolute IrisIris NeroliNeroli PheromonesPheromones GeraniumGeranium
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White muskWhite musk EbonyEbony PatchouliPatchouli PheromonesPheromones SandalwoodSandalwood AmbergrisAmbergris


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The fragrance is part of the "Anniversari" collection.

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Very helpful Review 10  
Lilac Cloud
I fell so in love with the comments here that I blindly ordered a bottle! Who would not like to look feminine and attractive! Unfortunately, the fragrance develops with me to a powdery lilac cloud! And I have to say that I am not a big lilac fan! I have also read that Afrodite reacts very much to the skin chemistry one should therefore also pay attention to a "balanced" diet wg. the PH value ... so that the pheromones can unfold their magic ... the "OFF" was however as my husband meant that this fragrance smells like "Rosamunde Pilcher" :))) and of course I had to laugh and question this. He said "what for more mature ladies " Yes maybe you actually need a certain maturity for this fragrance and it's like with orchids with one they thrive splendidly and with others they go in !
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Homage to femininity
I would like to dedicate the second comment from my collection project to Afrodite - a fragrance that leaves me rather perplexed
For me it is simply a dreamlike veil of scent, which I find absolutely heavenly, but I find it incredibly difficult to put it into words.

I do not perceive the individual components individually - and about the development I can say only little...

The fragrance is a perfume in itself, and yet it melts into the skin in such a way that I would think I could smell like it myself. So my impression goes back and forth
I spray the fragrance and feel clean, fresh and divine at the same time.

A fine powdery veil with a delicate lilac, which is noticeable but not "in your face", as I have experienced it from time to time more often.
It starts almost unisex-tart, cool - maybe because of the lily of the valley, which I personally cannot smell clearly, or because of the white peach, the white currants, to which the same applies? Almost unisex? Because I think lilacs are more feminine With it creamy-powdery - not too "fat" and not too dry. Transparent but still there.

With the time the sweetness increases, but I do not perceive the fragrance as sweet at any time.
"Perfumed" comes to mind - but only to the extent that I know that it is not my own skin scent. Unfortunately, I cannot describe "perfumed" in concrete terms either. When I was a child I perceived perfumes in a similar way at my mother's house - maybe ambergris? Or does the lily of the valley now give a certain perfumed sweetness? My mother loves lily of the valley, but she never had a signature scent that I can refer to. Or is the peach perhaps becoming riper and sweeter here? Maybe the tuberose, too... All ingredients that I like in perfume, but don't smell out here - only this incredibly divine melange
I love to sniff me. Is it because of the listed pheromones? Or is it just the mix?
I do not find the fragrance sexy, but I do not think it is unsexy either. I would like to smell like that myself
The only fragrance I can clearly make out is the lilac in the creamy-powdery musk bed. In addition to this, there is this unsweet component at the beginning, which I have already guessed about above. Later comes the transition to a perfumed sweetness, which, in addition to the above suspects, can perhaps also be caused by the vanilla pod.
I perceive the fragrance only as a harmonious blend, from which none of the scents stand out for me, which is why the description is so difficult for me.

Afrodite is infinitely delicate and transparent, that "she" can pass for skin scent, a delicious (but by no means gourmand) veil. Nevertheless a perfume and despite all its softness and skin proximity surprisingly long perceptible - on the nightdress still the next morning.

As a development I only perceive a shift of emphasis from unsweet, almost tart (or better: cool) to perfume-loving (or even warm) and the fact that the fragrance almost melts into the skin.

Wearable all year round for any occasion. For me a so called "Dumb Reach", because in my opinion it never seems inappropriate.
He surrounds me with a divine aura
Under a fragrance called "Afrodite" I would have imagined something stronger and more erotic. Maybe an oriental cracker? On the other hand, I have used words like "heavenly" or "divine" in the course of this commentary. I find it tender and yet persistent and feel comfortable with it. This lovely aura described earlier may evoke the goddess in each of us - cooler at first, then getting warmer and warmer, but always tender and soft (in the core?). Fits for me too young and old, blond and brown, in short: to all women (of course depending on individual preferences).

To my own surprise, after many moments together, I find it a real homage to femininity - not least because it is so hard to grasp despite all the warmth it conveys :)

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Top Review 24  
Venus, foam-born.
You have to be a little crazy to add another one to a perfect comment like Sweetsmell75. Or a little cocky. Or you can't help it, you just want this perfume to get the attention it deserves. And that's how I feel I have a question right at the beginning: When you think of "Aphrodite", or for all I care about her Roman pendant, Venus, what image do you have in mind? Is it one by Sandro Botticelli, showing the goddess naked standing on a shell, with her hair in the wind? I bet it is. But if it's not, bring the picture here, google it if necessary, so you know what I'm talking about. I need it for this scent For I believe that "The Birth of Venus" has lasted for more than 500 years, has been tried and tested countless times from Warhol to the advertising for ladies' shavers, and is so easily recalled from our memory because Botticelli succeeded in creating an archetype, the image of a goddess, or actually: to capture the divine in the feminine in such a way that we understand it with our soul before our mind can, and even beyond.
And I have a feeling as if 532 years later Paolo Terenzi could have done exactly that again: with a perfume. With quotations and allusions in the choice of components and a masterfully designed progression, he paints the picture anew, olfactorically, into our senses and our souls.
The very first impression when spraying the fragrance belongs to the pink pepper, which creates a diffuse arousal, a restless expectation, as if something was in the air, before it is, almost immediately, burnt over by white lilac, which, more complex and also less innocent than its purple siblings, washes me wildly, then is bound by the delicate, sensual, almost luminous sweetness of the white peach.
Remember Botticelli's picture? The roar of the air, the foaming spray, and in the midst of all this roar the foam-born Venus, radiant and sweet? That's what it smells like. Vanilla is soft, white currant ensures that the fragrance does not become sweet despite all its sweetness and, like the iris later on, prevents it from slipping into triviality at the threshold of the perceptible.
With time, the fruity peach note becomes more restrained, while the lilac remains in my perception for many hours. The fragrance now becomes more floral, lily-of-the-valley exudes cool beauty, bound again by the sweet-creamy tuberose, which for once doesn't want to show off, but only to be tender: the heart of the perfume belongs to the goddess. Like her, the fragrance is, at this stage, absorbed in itself, unaware, or let's say not interested in her, of the attention it attracts. It surrounds its wearer with an aura that radiates, a beauty that is neither young nor mature, but timeless, eternal Terenzi is clever enough not to succumb to the obvious temptation of a tonka bean, sublime vanilla or something similar in its base, which would have made the fragrance too pleasing. And it's true, I don't know what ebony smells like. But I imagine that next to the patchouli, which I take for granted because I can't really smell it, it provides what I would call "grounding", even if that is an inappropriate term for a goddess. Or perhaps for something mystical. Sandalwood and white musk give a playful, unobtrusive warmth, ambergris physical sensuality. And then there are the pheromones: I can't say whether this fragrance needs them. But if you smell it and are enchanted and have to smile, then maybe it has something to do with them.
Sweetsmell75 is right, very right even when she says that the Drydown is special: close to my skin it stays for hours like the wonderful memory of something that was perfect.

I think that when Botticelli painted his Venus, he loved women so much that he wanted to erect a monument to them. And Terenzi does the same. When I wear the scent of Aphrodite, he gives me a radiance, an aura, that makes me feel connected to a goddess - and to every other woman.

Addendum: My special thanks go to Sweetsmell75 who, without knowing it, inspired me with her comment on this happy blind purchase and to Covex who encouraged me to blindly trust her judgement.


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Cool sheets_naked skin
According to Greek mythology Aphrodite is the goddess of love, beauty and sensual desire.
There one has then somehow already expectations like a smell, which carries the name of the love goddess probably is to smell ;)
Cool sheets_naked skin ... sensual ... sexy ... extremely female!
Well done Mr. Terenzi ... the scent is worthy of a goddess! ;)

To the fragrance:
Afrodite starts with a fine note of peach and lilac. Currants can be sniffed discreetly with vanilla swab in between. Fruity-floral-lightly sweet with peppery sprinkles. It smells very fine In the process it becomes powdery through the iris with flowery background noise. Tuberose, neroli and co ... i kann´s not really filter out (no Wummser!) :) Pure harmony!
With fluffy-cool musk and unimaginable patchouli geht´s into the base. Creamy woody tones and warm spicy ambergris are also part of the mix. Pheromones ... you don't smell them, it takes place in your head ... probably you think but there is something ;)
The Drydown is simply sensual-sexy-feminine-beautiful ... i am so excited!
*Woody musk_sensual base*
Afrodite reminds me of Panthea (only without smoke and herb), a little bit but also of White from Puredistance. Somehow in between lies this Terenzi.
Not loud, not noisy or pompous ... just sensually fragrant ;)
Unisex? I think we'd better leave him to women!
Men believe me... you'll love that in us!
Afrodite can wear woman all year round. An evergreen!
The shelf life is 8 hours plus ... the Sillage is rather discreet.
Intimate skin scent would fit ... did I mention that the base is very special? ;)
The bottle is beautiful and of high quality.

Cool Sheets_Naked Skin
How do pheromones smell?
Panthea without smoke & cabbage.
Flowers spoil with time.
Woody musk_sinnlichbasis!

Psssst .... Afrodite awakens the goddess in us ;) girls ... test!
I do not expect kann´s at all until the smell stands with us in the shelves *impatiently_bin *


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