Rubj (Voile d'Extrait) by Vero Profumo

Rubj 2013 Voile d'Extrait

03.02.2016 - 12:34 AM

Fruit Syrup

Vero Profumo
RUBJ (Voile d’Extrait)

• This review applies only to the Rubj Voile d’Extrait, NOT the Extrait de Parfum or the EDP.

Opens with a blast of intensely bitter orange woody bergamot that softens after a bit into a subdued mandarin. There is no blast of cumin or basil in this composition. However, on my skin the voile d’extrait actually reads as less fresh and much more syrupy sweet than the parfum. The fruit softens the bergamot with an overly sweet sugary approach to citrics as is commonly found in your generic fruity floral top-note set. Citrics here lack the sour offensiveness that sometimes used to offset the sugar, but ultimately this emerges as a very blasé and rather inelegant opening.

The Neroli makes a later appearance which may be why the top notes are so mundane. The central core develops with mix of non-indolic white florals, and the Neroli tagging along, swirling in and out of a stronger orange flower absolute note, but a weaker tuberose/jasmine note than that which exists in the EDP version. There is no offensive cumin here to create skank, but the overdone sweetness lingers, casting a rather candied cherry cough syrup type cloying feel to the mix, making it ultimately less freshly juicy and sensuous on my skin than the Parfum Extrait.

The basenotes are very frail and anemic here, even for me. The cedar/oakmoss/musk combo are clean, and yet they are overwhelmed by the core, and the overly robust, but ultimately humdrum topnotes. The base unfortunately contributes no noticeable profundity, shadow, or fascination in general support.

The Voile d’Extrait version lacks both the height and the depth of the Parfum Extrait, and communicates a rather flat generality of fruity floral on me. It is not an ugly scent. I wish to be clear, this is not an offensive scent in any way. It is actually pretty in a very mundane manner. I simply find it utterly boring as it reads on my skin. I have not smelled it on anyone else’s skin, so my own personal testing is all I can tell you about it. It may be beautiful on your skin.
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