Flowerbomb 2007 Eau de Toilette

Flowerbomb (Eau de Toilette) by Viktor & Rolf
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Flowerbomb (Eau de Toilette) is a perfume by Viktor & Rolf for women and was released in 2007. The scent is sweet-floral. It is still in production. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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Is also not the cracker, howl yet.... :D
Hey hey, here I am again and describe a fragrance of which I had already described the EDP, but honestly can hardly remember the scent... namely Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf. I had described the EDP some time ago and well, the scent was rather average for me. That I had not given 10 points, had probably upset some beastly Parfumas at the time, he he.

Now it's the turn of the EDT, but I doubt that the fragrance will be so extremely better than the EDP, especially since the EDP was rated better than the EDT here anyway. The beasts among you will surely rave again, if I give again no 10 points, but well, let's see :D

Since, as I said, I can hardly remember the EDP, it will be rather less of a comparison test. Instead, I smell and describe the fragrance itself, without really going into detail about differences between the two versions of the fragrance, because I can not just as I said.

Okay, I'll take a sniff then.

The fragrance:
The beginning is sweetish, powdery and also a little citrusy-fresh. One smells jasmine, which provides the sweetness, red pepper with a fruity-sweet scent as well as a little orange. In addition, there are floral scents, where I would first guess roses, but the impression soon disappears again, so that I would then only talk about "general, floral notes", because I can not determine floral scents well anyway, as you certainly know.
The sweetness of the fragrance becomes increasingly sweet and opulent, in addition, the fragrance has a light, clean note, especially in the middle part.
Later, the fragrance continues to be quite sweet, added now a little patchouli. Still later, the fragrance even becomes quite opulent in terms of sweetness. It's a kind of slightly stuffy, fiercely floral sweetness, that could come from the osmanthus. Still, the background is still powdery, almost soft. I don't smell amber that strongly. This is how the fragrance eventually comes to an end. It's all okay, but not necessarily my kind of sweetish women's fragrance :D

The sillage and the durability:
The vibrancy of the fragrance is quite okay, I imagined the scent to be stronger though, so I assumed more of a banger. It is of course not weak, but there are much stronger. The durability, however, I found okay, as the fragrance lasted over eight hours with me.

The bottle:
The bottle is still shaped like a hand grenade, of course, but the glass is more faceted on the EDT than the EDP. This looks okay and original, but I think the EDP has a nicer bottle. Other than that, you can also see a metal plaque in the middle with the name and brand, as well as the "pin" of the hand grenade, which shows the logo of Viktor & Rolf. Is quite okay, the whole thing.

Okay, so this Flowerbomb has me now also not soo much liked (and already the beasts bare their teeth :D). He is okay, as the EDP, but for me no firecracker. That's because I fragrances that become more opulent especially towards the end and in addition but also sultry-sticky, just do not like so much. I feel these fragrances as oppressive and therefore not particularly fragrant.

It may be that there are crazies among you who are totally on such a thing and send me preferably death threats, because I do not like their so much beloved fragrances so much and especially also do not rate with top marks, but I will not be impressed by this and remain with my opinion, mu ha ha :D

The scent for me is an autumnal scent that could actually be best used for going out, but you guessed it I will say: I find that there are far nicer fragrances for going out. Sure, it's all a matter of taste, but still :D

And that's about it, so for me the scent is neither better nor worse than the EDP (as far as I remember it correctly), so I personally don't like either scent :D

Well then, have a nice evening (or go cry in a corner if I was too critical of your favorite scent, he he) :)
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Pretty, worth investigation
My bottle was created in 2016, batch no. 62N20D.
I'd never tried this fragrance until within the last couple of years, avoiding it when it was first released because of the hype surrounding it, and the price tag. Fast forward to now when my friend sent me the last of her bottle to enjoy.

I'm a complete sucker for sweet fragrances and this one is no exception, I think she's just beautiful. I do agree with similarities to both LVEB and Sofia Vergara's Sofia but they're not all dupes for one another, just obviously sharing some DNA. Fortunately, I don't detect the freesia at all (which normally screams from my skin but here is apparently well-blended), so if freesia normally scares you away, you should still test Flowerbomb as you may be pleasantly surprised.

I love the bottle itself, so a good solid 8 on packaging and presentation.
Scent = 9 of 10, I find it alluring, happy, and beautiful
Value = Could be better. It's gorgeous but you can find similar scents at lower prices.
Performance and Longevity: Moderate or better.
FB worthy? I think so. I wouldn't recommend blind-buying her, but test? Absolutely worth that much at least, yes.
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