Magic - Sage Spell 2017

Magic - Sage Spell by Viktor & Rolf
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Magic - Sage Spell is a perfume by Viktor & Rolf for women and men and was released in 2017. The scent is fresh-fruity. It is being marketed by L'Oréal.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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PeppermintPeppermint Pink grapefruitPink grapefruit Pink pepperPink pepper
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AbsinthAbsinth SageSage Star aniseStar anise
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Green teaGreen tea LabdanumLabdanum PatchouliPatchouli


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Do not mix with water!
There I am again, guys! (Do I hear a sigh?) Today I'm back again with a comment, but I have to admit that it's just a rather average scent today. Why do I describe it then? Because I just have to report here, so that you don't FORGET me!!!

Oh and of course not to disappoint all the perfumas that send me fragrances that I have to describe :D

Ne of course I'm not forced to do anything, but the scent here contains fresh notes and I just fished it out here, because I didn't want to spray myself with vanilla, amber or anything else in this weather, which might smell nice, but also a bit oppressive in this heat...

Anyway, so we are at "Magic - Sage Spell" by Viktor & Rolf, which sounds really fantasy-like just by the name alone Sage Spell, meaning Spell or Spell of the Wise or something. Could come from a fantasy game, magic cards or Dungeons & Dragons. And no, I might be a nerd, but I don't have Magic cards and I don't play Dungeons & Dragons (but I have Boss Monster cards, but that's different,... better not look up what that is... *sigh* :DD)

But enough talking, it's just getting hot again, so let's see if this fragrance can refresh and smell good at the same time!

The smell:
The fragrance begins with a mix of grapefruit and sweetish pink pepper, blended with a larger portion of somewhat cheap-looking synthetics. After this synthetic fades (or weakens), I smell green-sour herbs, especially sage, which is always good in summery scents. In addition there is anise, which I don't like very much, and for me this is a fragrance that takes a lot of getting used to (it reminds me of the Turkish national drink Raki, which I find very unusual, and I really don't even like it).
Fortunately, the aniseed weakens again somewhat as it progresses. Later I smell most of all pink pepper with a light mix of sage and also a little green tea, and then some patchouli.
Also in the base you can smell sweet pink pepper with a good portion of anise and patchouli. Unfortunately, the green tea that one could barely smell anyway, is completely gone, so that the scent is more sweet allrounder-like than really fresh. The synthetics remain in the base as well. Unfortunately this synthetic is quite obtrusive after a few hours, i.e. in the later base, you notice this "scent" really extreme, because most other scents have lost a lot of their power by now. I don't like that, and that's exactly the kind of synthetics that make a fragrance look rather cheap. It's a pity... but that's not the way this scent became, at least not in my eyes (or my nose :D).

The Sillage and the durability:
The Sillage is quite okay, not super strong, but not so weak either that you could only smell it from close up. The shelf life is also quite okay, because the scent lasts for seven or eight hours.

The bottle! The bottle is rectangular and tall, and bends inwards at the top towards the neck. You can see a gold-plated label with the name of the fragrance and a gold-plated cap with the Viktor & Rolf logo on it. The golden accents go very well with the green scent liquid, so I like the bottle on the whole.

Sooo, okay this fragrance is now, despite its name, rather less magical. Basically it's a simple, summery scent with a little too much synthetics for my taste, which is still within the tolerable range (yes, there are worse synthetic scents). For me the scent is not that great, but it's not really bad either, but it doesn't have any special strengths. This makes the fragrance for me more like an 0815 Synthetic fragrance, which you often find among the mainstreamers and which are rather less remarkable, unless of course you like the brand.

The fragrance is summery, as I said before, even if it doesn't seem really fresh, because it should have had less synthetics (especially in the base) and aniseed, but it's good. For me there are much nicer scents, so I wouldn't necessarily recommend to test it. Not even if you should mix the scent like raki with water to make it more bearable (you surely have seen it, like when some people mix raki with water and the drink gets a milky colour afterwards)... he he he hey hey, in general you should never mix a scent with water, unbelievable that I have to mention this here extra!!!

And raki? Yes, mix it with water if you like, but the taste doesn't get much better, mu ha ha ha ha ha ha, bah I really don't like anise! D

Well then, that's it from me again, I wish you all a nice evening, see you :)
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ClingwrapClingwrap 13 days ago
Smells like a typical blue perfume. Very masculine leaning.
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