Sale Marino 2015

Sale Marino by Wiener Blut
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7.8 / 10 41 Ratings
Sale Marino is a popular perfume by Wiener Blut for women and men and was released in 2015. The scent is aquatic-fresh. It is still available to purchase.
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Submitted by Mefunx, last update on 12.03.2023.
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Viennese blood is good for you
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A warning in advance: This is a feelings / drool review - olfactory Enlightenment and fragrance facts are not here. In addition, comes immediately surreptitious advertising .... who does not want that, must now frantically click elsewhere!
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I'll be exactly 2 years on Parfumo tomorrow, and I haven't rated my two favorite scents yet - the Sale Marino here, and the L'Impératrice by D&G, which is actually my signature scent. Strange. To celebrate, I'm hereby making up for it!

For my milestone birthday in 2019, I went to Vienna with a friend. She had the distribution address for a very exclusive perfume collection with her, so we hit Lobmeyr on Kärntnerstraße right at the beginning of the trip. The sight of the façade alone made us feel cheerful and at home: narrow house, art nouveau façade, ornate wood, in the midst of chunky buildings made of steel, glass and concrete. Inside, glistening works of art made of porcelain, glass, mirrors and - in a multi-storey open gallery - chandeliers without end. The perfume for testing was retrieved from the basement (in my imagination, a safe weighing tons was opened for this purpose, like in action movies). We were allowed to take all the time in the world (Viennese don't let themselves be rushed), of course there were sniffing coffee beans to go with it, and my girlfriend also found something for herself straight away. I was still wavering between the club water and the Sale Marino. I was chattering to no end because excited and had been to the coffee house before and all the hackney carriages with cute horses everywhere and overwhelmed and entranced by it all.

Afterwards, I was like floating on a cloud. The Sale Marino - I had never smelled anything like it. Unique, spicy, fresh, lovely. The high price has kept me from taking it directly (yes, such inhibitions I had then, two years ago, slack-jawed), because you wanted to be reasonable. Who does not know: On vacation something smells or tastes great, but at home the souvenirs want to make you no more friends.

Tense and wistful I am then flown home without the Sale Marino, but then ordered me, because one is so reasonable, online still two samples from a supplier in Augsburg (also from the club water). I was horrified. The club water slayed me, and the Sale Marino was missing something - namely the slightly sweet, lovely. I couldn't explain it. Was it my wool coat that had warmed my skin? The air pressure in Vienna? The silly atmosphere?

Ordered it anyway then - even given the restriction. It was still stunning.

And being so sensible, it HAD to come from Vienna, which made shipping twice as expensive. One call to Lobmeyr, and the saleswoman still remembered me, "You're the one who flirted with the waiter at Gerstner's!" Excuse me?? That was 10 days ago ..... what the hell was I talking about when I was there?

Anyway: My first Sale Marino was sent to me. When unpacking: mood like at a folk festival. Bottle emptied, ordered in the spring of 2020 the next bottle (of course, again in Vienna - normal, ne?). Although my perfume collection has grown by 417% since autumn, the third bottle must soon be purchased.

I do not consider whether it fits the occasion or the mood. Whether I use too much or too little of it. I spray around blindly with it - I always feel safe, well-groomed, fresh, even almost sublime with it.

There are scents that you never forget. That grow on you, make you irrational. Along with L'Impératrice, Sale Marino sits enthroned above my other scents on an upturned, cubic teapot of glass weighing tons. My husband has orders to save these two in case our cabin ever burns down.

In the recently launched Parfumo action, where you can support your perfumery, I would have liked to enter the traditional Lobmeyr house here, because the service is first class, the glass and light art breathtaking - and all the fragrances from the Vienna blood collection unique and worth sniffing. But only pure perfumeries were allowed to be named.

Vienna is worth the trip.

I'll pick up my next bottle in person - as soon as the "current situation" allows, FIRST THING.
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