Casamorati - Lira (Eau de Parfum) by XerJoff

Casamorati - Lira 2011 Eau de Parfum

28.08.2021 - 07:09 PM


I only sampled it a couple of times because of the price, but I'm going to purchase this one for sure...
People who say this is not a gourmand perfume I think are crazy!! (no hate of course)
Opening : To me the opening is citrusy and really smells like a cruffin pastry with rum and dried berries, which is an incredible, completely edible smell, I could eat my arm off with this opening! I dont get much of lavender at all, but it probably amplifies the other scents well.
Mid notes + Base : After around half an hour it becomes more of a sweet vanilla and cinnamon scent, but not too sweet in any way, a very mature not sickening and again edible smell. The citrus and rum notes fade away naturally into the cinnamon and caramel, and after an hour or two the smell becomes, on my skin, completely full of vanilla and caramel, still much like an amazing pastry you would love to eat, and not overly sweet.
The longlivety and sillage are unfortunately not the best, which makes me think it is a bit of an overpriced perfume. After an hour or two it becomes a skin scent, amazing but pretty weak. Honestly though.. I will buy it anyway just to smell myself, because this is a great easy to breathe gourmand perfume.
The notes merge one into another so naturally and easily, just a beautiful experience!
Easily recommend to any sweet or gourmand lover, and even for a beginner, as it is not overly sickening in power or sweetness. Would say that this is a "female" scent for sure, but honestly, would love to smell that on anybody.
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