Y (Eau de Parfum) by Yves Saint Laurent

Y 2018 Eau de Parfum

08.12.2022 - 07:56 PM

Why Should a Guy Buy Y?

I bought Y EDP in the summer of 2022, and made a statement on Parfumo recently, noting that the fragrance is divisive, and people will love it or hate it. I want to expand on that statement with a full review.


First, I must write about the smell of Y EDP.

The opening combines herbal notes (mainly ginger and sage) mixed with a scent reminiscent of a sour apple candy sweetness that leans youthful. As the notes dry down into the heart, some herbals disappear in exchange for woody notes. When the heart notes disappear, the fragrance becomes less sweet (the candy sweetness switching out for a smoother tonka bean), and more herbal and woodier.

The herbal and woody qualities are excellent and give Y EDP a masculine lean (although a woman can wear it with ease). Combined with the sour apple candy smell, this makes Y EDP one of the more unique designer fragrances for sale. That it is also a blue fragrance that differentiates itself is a bonus.

However, the sour apple candy smell is a divisive note and is the key factor when someone considers buying this fragrance. I have experienced both sides.

On some days, Y EDP has the right amount of sweetness balanced with the herbals and woods, smelling refreshing.

On other days, I find the sweetness of Y EDP too much to the point it is annoying, and borderline headache-inducing.


The bottle for Y EDP stands out as somewhat attention-grabbing while remaining simplistic and not gauche. At first glance, the cap has the YSL logo, and the front of the bottle has the full Yves Saint Laurent logo. However, turning the bottle slightly clockwise reveals the one-letter name of the fragrance.

The glass of the bottle is a bluish-gray gradient, going from dark at the top to clear at the bottom. With the fragrance liquid being blue, it enhances the effect and gives a simple and modern feel.


In terms of performance, Y EDP is above average.

The sillage and projection are average, and what one would expect from a designer brand. It won’t announce your entrance into a room or linger in a room for a long time after you leave. However, a person passing by, or stepping into your personal space, will notice the fragrance or the trail it leaves behind for a few minutes.

That said, Y EDP has solid longevity, as the fragrance has about 8-10 hours of life on the skin, with approximately two hours with the highest projection and sillage. This can easily get someone through a typical workday, or an evening out on the town.


Seasonally, Y EDP is a versatile jack of all trades. It can work well in any season, but it comes with caveats.

It can work in the summer, but minimize the sprays in the blazing heat, as the sweetness can get nauseating.

It will stand out in the fall and winter as the sweetness works in the cooler air (especially compared to most blue scents), but the herbal freshness may feel out of place for some people during that time.

With that said, Y EDP fits best in the spring. The temperature ranges from mild to warm, and gets the best of all aspects of the fragrance, while the freshness blends in with the spring bloom.

Socially, Y EDP also has great versatility. In a temperature-controlled office, one effectively gets the mild/warm weather effect, getting the best out of the fragrance. The freshness also makes for a decent post-gym workout fragrance (or during a workout if one goes for a hike, jog, or bike ride).

Y EDP can also work on an evening out, whether in the bar and nightclub scene or on a date with a significant other.

The only time Y EDP would feel out of place is at a somber event like a funeral.
Outside of rare situations like that, Y EDP is quite the versatile smell that a person can use as a daily scent without thinking too much about it.


Overall, Y EDP is a solid and versatile fragrance that is potentially a good pick as a first fragrance, especially for a teenager or a young man.

As said in the statement, I highly recommend sampling or testing first, if possible. The sour apple candy note is not for everyone and is usually the point where people love or detest the fragrance.

Anyone that dislikes sweet fragrances will probably detest it — I would never recommend Y EDP for them, as it is a disaster waiting to happen.

That said, to answer the question "Why a Guy (or lady) buys Y?", I would say Y EDP is worth a look if someone (especially a high school or college student) is looking for a unique designer that has the versatility to work at almost every location or season with solid performance, or just a fragrance for daily usage.
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