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Apomanum GmbH, founded in December 2008 and based in 85250 Altomünster, Germany, is a supplier of natural cosmetics, soaps, colognes, room fragrances, essential oils and pharmacy specialties.

Traditional recipes from historical books and old apothecary records form the basis of the production processes. According to the company, the wide range of products will be manufactured by hand using natural ingredients. For Apomanum perfume products, pure natural essential oils from plant-based raw materials certified according to Cosmos Natural are to be used. The source of inspiration is said to be the St. Alto-Birgitten monastery pharmacy in the Upper Bavarian municipality of Altomünster in the district of Dachau, which has existed since 1843 and has been under the management of the Schultes family for decades. Pharmacist Peter Schultes is the founder of Apomanum GmbH alongside pharmacist Roman Vogl and Dr. Richard Freiherr vom Holtz.

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