Les Exceptions - Oriental Extreme
Oriental Express

Les Exceptions - Oriental Extreme / Oriental Express by Mugler
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8.2 / 10 192 Ratings
Les Exceptions - Oriental Extreme is a popular perfume by Mugler for women and men and was released in 2014. The scent is powdery-oriental. The longevity is above-average. It is being marketed by L'Oréal.
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We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Submitted by Kankuro, last update on 11.04.2023.
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Travel by train for a change instead of in a spaceship!
Again Hercule Poirot travelled with the Orient Express. And there was another incident this time. Years ago he had already solved a murder in this train, in which an American had been killed by twelve stab wounds. At that time it was still winter, and the murder happened during an involuntary stopover of the train, which had to stop on the tracks due to massive snowfall.

Now Hercule Poirot was annoyed that he had to travel back to Istanbul in the middle of summer and the train had to stop again in the middle of the track, because this time stones blocked the way. Although the workers were busy clearing away all the rubble, they could not work without constant interruptions as it was the hottest month of the year in mid-July.
The scorching sun shone through the windows of the wagons and warmed all the departments in them to immeasurable temperatures, which hindered the detective in his work. Because he had to clear up another murder and scurry from wagon to wagon in the process, and that with interior temperatures now over forty degrees in the shade. Not to mention annoying passengers who tried to get rid of their boredom by spraying their heavy oriental perfumes everywhere in this heat due to the interruption of the journey.

Desperate and annoyed, Detective Poirot looked out of the window and saw one of these modern TGVs racing by, quickly and completely air-conditioned. Which annoyed him even more. Finally he cursed the author of these lines, who apparently tried to follow in Agatha Christie's footsteps and write another Hercule Poirot novel. And as is customary in modern times, the author transferred the hero of the novel into the modern world, but let him stew in an old-fashioned train without air conditioning, since modernity has a penchant for retro and prefers to see old things. Yes, yes, everything used to be better! ... what a sadist this author had to be...!!

Well... so could be a chapter from the second part of "Murder on Orient-Express", he he. And yes, I test this fragrance, which is actually an autumn fragrance, now in midsummer, because fortunately the temperatures are cooler (probably only for a short time). So welcome to a new commi from me and have fun reading :)

The fragrance:
The fragrance begins with powdery notes of iris. I also smell the iris root, but those should be the carrot seeds, because an iris root almost always smells like grated carrots to me, which, by the way, is juicy despite the powderiness. I think that carrot seeds simply have a great scent, and this scent is also a varied scent, which is not often found in fragrances. Then there are balsamic notes which, together with the resins which cannot be determined any further, give off a good fragrance and make the fragrance appear particularly delicate. The sweet scents come both from the resins and from the vanilla, which at this time is not yet particularly strong, but nevertheless clearly odorable.
A little later, the fragrance also becomes more woody. Beautiful, soft sandalwood gives the fragrance a beautiful base and fits especially well to the resins and powdery fragrances. In general, the final phase of the fragrance is warm and gentle, where it continues to smell of vanilla, resins, balsamic notes and sandalwood. A beautiful fragrance which, despite its wintery scents, is not too heavy.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is good, but not room-filling. You don't have to get very close to smell one or the other, but you shouldn't expect a too big scent cloud. The shelf life is also good, even very good, because the scent was smellable for longer than twelve hours.

The bottle:
The bottle is rectangular with slightly bevelled edges. A metal, chrome-plated band leads from the neck to the sides. The neck also has a removable grey silk ribbon with the name of the fragrance on it. The lid is rectangular and transparent. The bottle thus has clear lines, looks elegant and high quality and looks good.

Okay, I didn't think the scent was bad, no, I actually thought it was really good. For an autumn fragrance it is also not particularly heavy, so that our Hercule Poirot would not have to feel crushed if someone should use the fragrance in a hot train compartment :D

The fragrance is more feminine. Especially at the beginning it smells like a women's fragrance to me, later it is also like a women's fragrance, but now and then it looks like men's fragrances of the variety "Midnight in Paris" (only without the tea/mate fragrance). Well, I'd still call it a lady's scent. Its fragrance is quite autumnal, but it also goes well in spring. It is especially usable in the evening or when going out, because it comes across so well and therefore should smell wonderful for others.

Thus a test is worthwhile in any case. Oh yes, the fragrance is of course sweet, but quite different from the alien fragrances, for example, if you should immediately associate Thierry Mugler with Alien (or Angel). So don't worry,... but apart from that the alien scents are also very nice scents, only you stupid... uh... crazy ladies don't like these scents so much... *sigh* :D

Well then, with that I have arrived at the end and wish you all a nice evening :)
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