Majestic Taif by The Dua Brand / Dua Fragrances
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7.6 / 10 7 Ratings
Majestic Taif is a perfume by The Dua Brand / Dua Fragrances for women and men and was released in 2018. The scent is woody-resinous. Projection and longevity are above-average. It is still available to purchase.
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Submitted by EvilCat, last update on 21.12.2022.
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Majestic Taif vs. Taif Oud - Let's get ready to Rambooooo ;-DDD
Welcome my dear readers to today's Taif-Battle! :-)

In the right corner (on the right wrist, "r "echts matching "R "oja) the champion, "Taif Aoud (perfume)"
in the left corner of the challenger, "Majestic Taif"

The two opponents convinced themselves of the correct condition of the ring before the fight (both wrists freshly washed!!! ;-D) and so slowly the tension rises, everyone waits for the gong, which calls for the first round...
Commentator and referee have taken their places... OK, OK, I've taken my place!! ;-D'll be quiet in the hall, just a little while longer and then it'll start... an XYZ celebrity would be yelling right now...


Round 1
the challenger storms towards the champion with a slightly synthetic, bitter bergamot-aldehyde mien (did he just dope himself with a bite of an artificial grapefruit???). The champion stands calmly in his corner and asks himself how this attack is going to be successful! Before the fight he has sprayed himself with a pleasant citric-fresh scent and thinks "just let him come"!
The challenger went at the champion like a bull and strikes out for the first blow... loosely blocked... in return he gets a first counterblow to the short rib because he neglected his guard and gets down on his knees!!! *ouch*
... "that's how it's not going to be my young" you think to yourself, "there had to be something more to offer"!!! ;-)
A few more small attacks follow, but the champion skillfully fends them all off and scores counterattack after counterattack with his fine, unsynthetic balance!
Lucky for the challenger, the gong sounds and the first round is over, he had to leave some feathers against the champion!!

Round 2
so slowly the challenger seems to realize that he can't get a point out of the champ with his "head through the wall" attacks, he tries to adapt his fighting style to that of the champion and arrives with a pleasant, slightly spicy-fruity Taif Rose, the champion holds his, also slightly spicy-fruity May Rose against it! Both prance around each other, the champion counter attacks of the challenger from time to time calmly! But one notices that the challenger adapts his style more and more to that of the champion!
... "na sehenste mien Jung, in the silence lies the strength, everything fast comes from the devil" you think!!! ;-D
The gong goes off... End of round two!!! Still the champion is ahead on points!!!

Round 3
what happened here now??? The challenger comes out of his corner and has managed to match his fighting style with the champs!!! He is blown away by a more "musty" oudnote than the champion and a fight on eye level is slowly developing! The champion has to try hard to keep his opponent at a distance and not to give away too many points!
... "will do, will do" you think!! ;-)
Gong... End of round 3... in this round, there was a certain balance between the two opponents!

Round 4-8
the fight becomes more and more quiet, the strikes are less and less powerful!!! Both opponents score with oud punches, incense hooks, fruity rose slashes and vanilla counters and stand patchouli-grounded in the ring!
But in this phase you can see from time to time that the challenger is a little younger and probably a little bit (synthetic) doped! (But the test after the fight has to prove this first) ;-) ...the "blows" of the challenger are a bit stronger than the counterattacks of the champs!
... "have they now agreed on a peaceful coexistence and only want to finish the rounds in peace?" you ask yourself! :-)
The gong goes off... End of round 8... now a very even fight = draw!!!

Round 9-10
so slowly it comes to an end, both opponents are creeping around in the ring, neither of them seems to have the strength to start a last aggressive attack! It seems that they just count down the time and wait for the bell!
... "is that it? the end it wasn't really that busy anymore!!!" you think to yourself!!! :-D
Gong... End of round 10... Tie!!!!

Round 11
the two opponents are just clinging on, neither of them is able to set any accent at all!! You wait for the gong to stop!
Gong... End of fight!!! This round was also very balanced!!! The challenger looks a little bit fresher than the champion, but I don't think he would last another round! ...and above all... we still have to consider the doping suspicion!!!
... "there was no more Äkschn at the end!!! ...but Schee was still!!" one is happy!!! ;-)

After a short discussion time the referee (i.e. me ;-D) has made his decision...

Winner on points... the champion!!!
AAAAABBÄÄÄÄR also only because of the not quite successful first rounds of the challenger, otherwise it was a very balanced fight, almost on eye level!!!

... "it was a nice fight, even if it lacked a little bit of Äkschn in the end! But... ...why did the fans of the challenger have to pay so much less for their tickets than those of the champion!!!????" you think!!!! :-DDDD

On that note... ...I want to wish you many great fights in the future!

I recommend myself until the next "fight"!!! Bye bye bye!)
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