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3 years ago - 19.11.2020
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Refined spirit of Spring

Who missed the scent of spring bloom?

Finally my order came with «Mimosa Tanneron» by Perris Monte Carlo.

Just 24 km from Cannes, in France, there is a lovely place called Tanneron, where every year the inhabitants of the city organize a festival, in the month of February, dedicated to mimosa. Yes, the very fluffy beauty that we are used to seeing on March 8th, well known as International Women’s Day.

Tourist routes are described along the southern coast of France, accurate to local attractions and local mimosa nurseries. There is something to strive for after quarantine.

Even as a girl, I made a herbarium out of mimosa for my collection. Mimosa leaves have an amazing ability to shrink at any touch, and surprisingly, they have nothing to do with the mimosa to which we are used to. This tree has pink fluffy peduncles, and our yellow beauty has a completely different name - silver acacia.

In California we have another species of acacia, Acacia pycnantha, which was brought in by immigrants from Australia. This plant has adapted well to temperature changes from a hot, sultry climate to the first frost.

In Los Gatos, California, there is Vasona Park, where you can find another species of acacia, blackwood acacia, which blooms along local waters in early spring. Photo enthusiasts are literally looking for a yellow cascade of bloom for their clients. This bloom attracts a lot of bees and if you come closer you can literally drown in this bright, fluffy honey whirlpool.

The fragrance was created in 2020 by the legendary Jean-Claude Ellena, who already has 116 masterly performed compositions behind him.

The scent of mimosa is a rather complex accord, which not all perfumers can handle, in order to keep all the components of the composition in harmony, not only experience is needed, but also a sense of balance.

This sophisticated and completely non-flashy scent opens up new facets without a lethal trail. Very beautiful floral-powdery scale with notes of mimosa, hawthorn and rose. Balanced white musk lends a special charm to the base of the palette.

For me this calm scent is a real discovery this year. The sweetness that remains after application makes you come back for that sip of freshness from the spring bloom. I catch myself on an involuntary smile. It opens up very nicely in cool weather. Definitely to wear in Spring.

The bottle itself is made in tinted, heavy glass with gold trim. This fragrance is worth such an expensive frame. I really love powdery fragrances, and I will definitely order a full bottle for myself.

What are your favorite perfumes with a mimosa accord? I counted 15 for myself that I want to try. I would like to hear your opinions too.

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