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3 years ago - 06.12.2020

Virtual ScentXplore 2020 review

Quarantine limited so many events this year, but it didn’t stop our wonderful perfume enthusiasts around the world. Annual, 2nd, ScentXplore 2020 united: perfumers, fragrance boutiques, amazing niche brands, content creators, musicians, fragrance vlogers, bloggers and of course lots of fragrance collectors and scent fans without them this events wouldn’t happen.

I’m just one of them who received virtual ticket with some niche samples.

Special thank you to Max Forti, Mark Mobley and all content creators for bringing all these people together and making this wonderful event possible. Amazing presentations was made by Amouage, Christian Provenzano, Masque Milano, Bois 1920, Steve Martin, Fragrance Du Bois, Agatho, Precious liquid, Abaton, Memo/Beverly hills Perfumery, Vilhelm/Europarfums, Kierin NYC, Zaharoff, Electimuss, Amouroud.

Personally I was touched by a note written by Richard Herpin, inserted in his sample collection, that he will be very pleased for reviews about his new collection. Who didn’t know this perfumer, please check his creations. In the past he made absolutely stunning perfumes for Tom Ford. You will be pleasantly surprised about these 5 scents. “Rose blanche” is my personal favorite now. For limited time you can find great offer on his site.

I can’t emphasize the importance of samples during virtual events. It is so hard to imagine the scent just by explanation of its notes. Presentations went smoothly, but so many people complained about lack of samples and unwillingness for blind purchases. Can you imagine to look at the flowers as black and white image without opinion to smell their fragrant aroma? You got the picture... not even mentioning about pure gold on the bottles caps can’t cut it.

My heart was literally melted by all these musicians and content creators: Steven & Carlos, Andrea & Curly scent, Justine Copeland, Kristen Capolino, Mr. Smelly.

You guys really Rocked this event and made it so special!!! Sitting on a strict quarantine without possibility to be physically present during this event your performances brightenlots of souls.

I’m looking forward for next year’s event and I believe it would be even better and brighter. I wish you all to explore new companies, new scents and most of all make strong friendships.

My friend and I enjoyed them all.

My last advice to the organizers is to let attendees to watch video presentations after Zoom events were closed. Sitting in the front of computer for all these hours was quite challenging especially for people with children and people with other commitments during this event. I would be glad to come back and review some of the presentations and print out some brochures for my own records.

Offers should be made clearly and available for all. If I didn’t have chance to visit some boths after presentation, then I wouldn’t be able to know about them. Company should summarize for all paid users this information and make it easy to find through the email.

Overall it was pleasant experience. If you attended this event make a shout! All of you are wonderful folks! Share your great finds and good deals, may be we all can still enjoy them.

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