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4 years ago - 02.12.2019
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Abu_Al_Hifs an amateur artisan perfumer.

Thanks to eBay I have met Abu_Al_Hifs, an amateur and independent perfumer, who works the incense as a teacher. I have spoken several times with him, and he is a kind and communicative person, and his perfumes…. amazing, at least, the ones I know.

Abu_Al_Hifs is a nickname of yours that he uses as a nickname for his eBay account, so there really is no brand name, or perfumer, or anything, he is an anonymous person who loves perfumery and works it in an amateur way, but with the utmost respect and professionalism, making perfumes by hand with natural materials, so you can get an idea of the type of perfumes they are.

They are attar perfumes, somewhat expensive for the quantity that is offered, usually 3ml, but after trying them, you can tell that the quality is paid, and that small amount, can last a lot, some of the ones I have tried are so dense, that they seem honey. And it is highly recommended not to smell them directly from the bottle, they are very concentrated and do not smell the same as when they are applied to the skin.

I talk a little about the perfumes I have:


Church Incense:
Notes: Cistus, Mastic, Cinnamon, Galbanum, Sweet Myrrh, Incense, Amber & Cedar.

I love this incense, it is a fairly linear aroma and it literally smells like what its name implies, but it is not a cofrade incense in the sense that it is the aroma of Holy Week, No, it is the aroma of the interior of an ancient church in active, where incense is burned, and this sacred smoke is mixed with old wood and wet stone. hallucinatory!. The duration is quite good, and the wake is moderate. A dark and dense aroma, but full of spirituality…. An authentic beauty.

Tibetan Incense:
Top Notes: Angelica, Frankincense & Spicy Notes.
Heart Notes: Woody Notes, Amber & Incense.
Base Notes: Myrrh, Sandal & Ambergris.

It looks a lot like the previous Church Incense, but, this time, much more resinous and sweet, and like the previous one, it is a deep, dense and dark perfume, although this one, a tad brighter than the previous one, and another great aroma of incense that elevates your spirit. The duration quite good with moderate wake. I love!

Bois D’Encens:
Notes: Woody Notes, Amber, Incense & Spicy Notes.

This has nothing to do with the perfume of the Armani private collection, it is a thousand times better, obviously, for my taste. It is an amalgam of woods and resins, sweet, spicy and dry, with smoky nuances, precious. It is an almost linear aroma, except that, as it dries, the aroma becomes warmer and woody, losing those spicy nuances. The duration is very good, the wake is moderate. Another perfume that I love.


Japanese Incense:
Notes: Spices, Lotus, Incense, Borneol, Amber, Spikenard & Sea Shell extract.

The beginning of this perfume displeases me a tad, it is a very beautiful floral incense, but in the first minutes of life it has a touch like salty and moist, like mollusk dried by the sun, which I do not quite like, but it is little thing and it is quickly solved, from there, it is a beautiful floral incense. The final drying is very similar to that of Bois D’Encens. The duration is very good, the wake moderate.

Fougere Encens:
Top Notes: Bergamot, Lavender, Neroli.
Heart Notes: Incense, Rose, Geranium, Clary Sage.
Base Notes: Woody Notes, Tonka, Patchoulí, Ambergris.

A classic fougere of a lifetime, but with a touch of incense in the middle part very beautiful. It comes out with a prominent lavender, to quickly wrap itself in a geranium-rose with shades of incense, on a woody, earthy and slightly warm base, very classic. I am not a lover of the aromas of classic barbershop, but this one, with that touch of incense, although slight, is beautiful, I like it, it is not bad, but it is not the one that I liked the most. Moderate duration and moderate wake.

Chypre Encens:
Top Notes: Bergamot.
Heart Notes: Incense, Jasmine, Tuberose, Clove.
Base Notes: Woody Notes, Amber, Oak Moss, Sandalwood, Musk.

I, who do not commune with chypre perfumes, take off my hat with this one, I love it! But it is also true that I do not feel it as a classic chypre, but rather, as a mixture of chypre with spicy and resinous oriental. Perfumes like Taboo, Youth Dew, Shalimar and even vintage Opium come to my mind… At the start, memories of the aforementioned perfumes come to mind, but as it dries, it becomes more woody, earthy, green and musky. To not be a lover of this type of aromas, this is quite beautiful. The duration is moderate and the wake equally moderate.

If you like this type of perfume, I recommend that you take a look at its eBay profile, where you will find many more perfumes, and if you have any questions, you can consult it, it is a very generous and kind person. I personally recommend these handmade oils.

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