ParmaParma 3 years ago
@DK Men-photo: Maybe a bit. If I remember correctly they all had a slightly different metallic-brown resp. bronze colour to it. The differences in the photo are depending on the sunlight, I think. Unfortunately I can't tell you more because I don't own them any more. Just the one in the middle. It's looking a little bit blue in the photo, but in real it's like the first one in front (this bronze colour). Hope I could help you a bit.
Best regards, Parma
P.S.: You did wonderful photos.
CatwomanCatwoman 8 years ago
Deeply impressed, that's true passion
HasiHasi 8 years ago
Deine Fotos sind atemberaubend!
Shanice118Shanice118 8 years ago
Hi,this evening I had been looking at some of your fantastic pics!!! And I did not know,that there were so many and I could not stop and I looked at them all. FANTASTIC!!!!! BRILLIANT!!!! And I was wondering,if you are relative to the Guerlain family or just keep an eye on the Guerlain shop in Paris. But you are so very far in Australia!!! So,all I want to say is:THANK YOU for giving us the pleasure to see and to look at the photographes you make.

SabriNoirSabriNoir 8 years ago
Amazing Photos - landet here from Guerlain's Cherry Blossom.

I really enjoyed your exquisite perfume list.
HannahHannah 8 years ago
Wundervolle Fotos mit großartigen Arrangements und Farbspielen. Dankeschön!
HasiHasi 8 years ago
Von mir eine tiefe Verbeugung für die tolle Fotoarbeit!
GoldGold 8 years ago
Stunning professional perfume pictures! A genuine pleasure to look at your contributions.
SusaSusa 8 years ago
Kompliment für die hervorragenden Fotos!!!

PontNeufPontNeuf 9 years ago
Hello Demonhead

Just one short question....Do you happen to know if "Santal Royal" can be purchased from the big Guerlain store in Paris ? I am so excited about this fragrance and read it´s a Harrod´s exclusive.....Great photos, by the way. Greet´s
GlosoliGlosoli 9 years ago
Dear Demonhead,

as i'm too lazy to write an command on each single one of your pictures: they are all too beautiful... big compliment!

Best Regards Glosoli
FlorblancaFlorblanca 9 years ago
Thanks for your compliment for my Petite Fleur Bleu picture. I was searching for a little blue flower, to be able to make this picture and I found one. ;-))
PreciousPrecious 9 years ago
Dear DemonHead,

Your pictures and perfume bottles are extraordinary. Thank you. Very well done.

Kind regards,

Boszka79Boszka79 10 years ago
Hi Demonhead!Thanks for your kind words! Your perfume photos also beautiful presentations!You can visit my web gallery here:
DemonHeadDemonHead 10 years ago
Thank you for your welcome and kind comments, everyone! :)
GraziaGrazia 10 years ago

beautiful pics!

Best regards
KarliKarli 10 years ago
You make very nice Pictures. Thank you for that. Regards, C.
DebesvoisDebesvois 10 years ago
Tolle Sammlung und schön fotografierte Bilder. Willkommen und viel Spaß hier.
ChnokfirChnokfir 10 years ago
Schöne Düfte - in deiner Sammlung und auf deinen Fotos. Sei Willkommen, schön, dass du hier bist.
ApiciusApicius 10 years ago
Hello DemonHead, welcome to Parfumo!

I wish you a lot of fun here!