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11 months ago - 21.11.2022
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Afnan's View Of Islamic Minarets

Afnan's View Of Islamic Minarets

Taking advantage of the Black Friday discounts, I tempted myself with these three Arabian wonders: Musk Abiyad (Eau de Parfum)Musk Abiyad Eau de Parfum , Dehn Al Oudh Abiyad (Eau de Parfum)Dehn Al Oudh Abiyad Eau de Parfum, and Mukhallat Abiyad (Eau de Parfum)Mukhallat Abiyad Eau de Parfum. I took them blindly, not knowing what awaited me. I can't believe that these original perfumes are available at such a ridiculous price. Observe the care and details of the bottles, all in retro corrugated glass and covered with a thin satin, silver, or gold layer, heavy, and with a metal tip whose workmanship recalls the minarets of Persian culture and architecture. I like the way the bottles and caps recall the minarets and domes of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

If I am not mistaken, Abiyad in Arabic means white, which would seem appropriate for these three treasures. Freshly released into the air, Musk Abiyad is the gentlest and comes as a fluffy cloud of pinkish dust. Dehn Al Oudh Abiyad is the most faithful and resembles burnt syrup from oud sap. Last, Mukhallat Abiyad is the most rebellious, commanding, filthy, with musty undertones.

Musk Abiyad

Musk Abiyad is a lovely, clean, soft white musk with a rose-tinged floral touch. It unfurls with a creamy, jammy, powdery rose, slightly boozy the first few moments because of the alcohol. I do not catch any citrus fruit here. The queen of the flowers has not the ordinary redolence we are used to but a musky temper from the very beginning. Besides, I bet the orris rhizome is taking part in the mix, as I get the talc dustiness without the metallic slant of the violet leaves. It’s clean, a pure, immaculate halo that surrounds my body.

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Dehn Al Oudh Abiyad

Dehn Al Oud, also spelt Dehn Al Oudh is an Arabic word “دهن العود” and means “The fat of the Wood”. It is the exact name to designate oud oils. In this perfume, oud is polished, in its purest spell, evoking a cold outdoor bonfire. Sometimes it can have a distinctly medicinal element to its woodiness, reeking of plasters or lime-based disinfectant. But here, it’s done right, and with my body chemistry, it descends into a smoky, incense-sweet, leathery richness. Delicate scents of medium musk and herbs round off this fun element perfectly. At times, the fragrance has balsamic and mentholated aspects that recall aromatic balms, soaves, and ointments.
Dehn Al Oudh Abiyad is a classic oriental fragrance full of musky and green tinges combined with the revisited woody note of Oudh...

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Mukhallat Abiyad

Mukhallat means a mixture of essential oils and aroma ingredients like oud, amber, rose, and spices. Every mixture of essential oils and aroma ingredients will vary and give a distinct bouquet, depending on the mixture and the proportion in which the ingredients are blended. Perfumers highly valued the result for its sweet, woody, aromatic and complex scent. If you missed it, people sometimes refer to Mukhallat as liquid gold. The golden colour of the bottle would fit it flawlessly.

Mukhallat Abiyad is an unconventional Arabic fragrance full of musky, leathery, and filth tinges combined with the sappy dark note of oud and the harsh and even semi-bitter nuance of saffron, which is used here mainly as a modifier to soften the fierce oud. I can describe the smell as earthy soft, and with hints of sweetness. The agarwood is a base note, which is better than some creepy and fake oud in some niche perfumes. In this perfume, oud is filth, in its purest spell, evoking medicinal molasses...

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