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Ergoproxy 9 years ago
No experiments
Comme d´Habitude has the charm of a classic spicy leather scent à la Bel Ami, but can't live up to it really.

CdH opens with a citric and woody accord, that to me gets a little soapy upon applying. However, the citrus notes and the soapy character have no chance to stand up to mix of spices and the scent transforms quickly into a leather dominated spice accord. It has no green tendencies at all.

If incense is present, it has been used spearly, in harmonic doeses. To me it ends balsamc and almost too soft.

CdH turned out quite good and compared to the current taste of the masses, it's a pleasant alternative for all who fear to use old school leather scents. Personally I find it too tame.

I wouldn't necessarily buy CdH, but could see myself wearing it as day or summer version of Bel Ami, if I would get it as a gift.

The first scent I tried from Histoires d´Eaux made me curious to the other 7 offerings of the brand.

I´d like to thank Franfan 20, for the translation of my german comment.
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