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Exciter76Exciter76 9 years ago
I've missed your intelligence and wit... It's good to see you!
CakeCuddlesCakeCuddles 9 years ago
Hey I've been missing you Rosa :) remember me :P??
FloraMilenaFloraMilena 9 years ago
Hi Optimist! The Intellectual Lady welcomes you! Yay!
FloraMilenaFloraMilena 9 years ago
Welcome to Fragrantica Pink Ruffles! Yay!
OptimistOptimist 9 years ago
Hi,FloraMilena(The Intellectual Lady).Thanks very much for warm welcoming.
PinkRufflesPinkRuffles 9 years ago
Aww!! Thanks FloraMilena!! Thanks for recommending this website to me!!
FloraMilenaFloraMilena 9 years ago
Hey Daisy Dukes! Welcome to Parfumo! Drigsby's around here too! Enjoy your DO SON!
DaisyDukesDaisyDukes 9 years ago
It's like you could predict the future! I'm being harassed on another site. I didn't defend the admins but I suggested that they were doing the best they can.

It's nice over here but you and Drigsby are bad influences. I just ordered do son ;)
FloraMilenaFloraMilena 9 years ago
Hey Drigsby and Beachgirl! Great to see ya here! Yay!
Beachgirl2Beachgirl2 9 years ago
Hi FloraMilena,

Just wanted to say hi!

DrigsbyDrigsby 9 years ago
Hello dear, I love this!
FloraMilenaFloraMilena 10 years ago
Happily it seems so far to be ok! I love visuals. A picture says 1000 words after all! BN never interested me. I look forward to more fun communications and visual treats! Cheers!
PipettePipette 10 years ago
Not to interrupt the flow of the "Follies of Fashion" thread, thank you for bringing in these glorious photos. I have raised the question in another topic, whether the images might be too large for the Parfumo Server, but nobody has either replied or objected. If Parfumo can be made visual like this is one of the good things over at - you know where - then we will have it all, and in a well-organised site. BN is too cut and dry and lacks that visibility. But, most people have eyes and want to see. And sniff, of course.
FloraMilenaFloraMilena 10 years ago
Hey Pipette! I love animals of all kinds! I just especially like to think of the bloodhound when I think of perfumes. It makes me laugh when I think of what THEY might think of perfumes, and what they would say about it all if they could talk!
PipettePipette 10 years ago
Thanks for bringing in "the bloodhound material", I remember scholarly treatises about a year ago, over at Fragrantica or was it at The Perfume Magazine? Which nobody read or commented on ... Anyhoo, you phrased it into normal layman language and that, at least, is being read.
FloraMilenaFloraMilena 10 years ago
Hi Cryptic! I'm looking in on here more often lately! Nice to have you here!
CrypticCryptic 10 years ago
I'm an admirer of your work over at Fragrantica. You left right before I arrived, and then I left before you returned. Confusing, eh? Anyway, it's great to have you here at Parfumo.
FloraMilenaFloraMilena 10 years ago
Thanks Pipette! I'm trying to post more! And I love the fun possibilities with graphics! Yay!
PipettePipette 10 years ago
FloraMilena, it is soooo nice to see you here. Now that Parfumo has the possibility to import a photo, maybe the site is more to your liking? We know from Fragr that you have a talent of posting visual treats.

Stay cool in this hot Summer.
GreysolonGreysolon 10 years ago
I finally posted my review of Eau Sauvage. What was it, 2 months ago when you posted your "Perfume for a Potrait" response and I was beginning the review? I thought I had finished the review the first time I wrote to you but then I started tinkering. Fatal error. I've never struggled so hard to get my thoughts in order! Anyway, it's up and I appreciate being able to include your quote.

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