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9 months ago - 27.02.2023
Sparkling and Refreshing: The New Unisex Fragrance “Remix Cologne Edition 2023” by 4711

Sparkling and Refreshing: The New Unisex Fragrance “Remix Cologne Edition 2023” by 4711

Created by perfumer Alexandra Monet, 4711's new limited edition "Remix Cologne Edition 2023" promises vacation feelings in a fragrance starting in mid-April.

"A fragrance created like a bubbly, refreshing summer cocktail - with fruity lime notes and aquatic aspects for the ultimate 'Good Vibes Only' vacation feeling!" - Alexandra Monet

"Remix Cologne Edition 2023"
starts with a sparkling and refreshing mix of lime, lemon and orange. The heart note combines the fruity scent of green apple with the delicate sweetness of freesia and ylang-ylang to create a harmonious floral bouquet. In the base, a woody accord of cedar and amber wood rounds off the composition, subtly enhanced by a touch of musk.

Like an unforgettable day on the turquoise beach of Mykonos, surrounded by hip influencer hot spots and the latest DJ sessions, "Remix Cologne Edition 2023" is meant to evoke pure joie de vivre, fun and exuberance.

Since its founding in Cologne in 1792, 4711 has made a name for itself in the world of perfumes and cosmetics. The name "4711" is derived from the house number of the original store in Glockengasse in Cologne and thus represents the brand's long history and tradition. Especially the fragrance "Echt Kölnisch Wasser", which has been produced since 1792, is known worldwide and is considered the undisputed classic of 4711.

Remix Cologne Edition 2023
Remix Cologne Edition 2023

The bottle of "Remix Cologne Edition 2023" is a tribute to the beauty of the Greek islands. The bottle-shaped design is inspired by the gentle waves and dazzling mosaics, artfully capturing the blue and white color scheme of the region.

The fragrance will be available in bottle sizes of 100 ml from mid-April 2023.

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