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3 months ago - 09.03.2023
The Olfactory Journey Into the Desert: “The Secret Collection - Scirocco” by Moresque

The Olfactory Journey Into the Desert: “The Secret Collection - Scirocco” by Moresque

With “The Secret Collection - Scirocco”, the Italian brand adds a new unisex fragrance with spicy-leathery notes to its “The Secret Collection”.

“Scirocco blows from the southeast and the air turns yellow. It brings with it the heat and sand of the desert, the light of the Orient. Intense, attractive and mysterious, it is the breath of another world that embraces everything. Like fire, it enters your veins and draws you under its spell like a mirage.” - Moresque

The fragrance opens with fruity and spicy notes of elemi, orange, apple, cardamom and saffron, which give it a refreshing start. The heart is dominated by warm, floral and spicy chords of Damask rose, jasmine, nutmeg and cinnamon. Woody and sweet notes of vanilla, tonka bean, leather accord, vetiver, cedarwood, patchouli, amber and musk give the composition a warm and earthy depth.

The Secret Collection - Scirocco
The Secret Collection - Scirocco

describes “The Secret Collection - Scirocco” as an olfactory interpretation of the hot wind "Scirocco” blowing from the Sahara to Europe. The combination of saffron and leather is said to evoke the warmth of sand on the skin, surrounded by charred spices, flowers and soft sprinkles of amber and vanilla.

Behind Moresque is Italian entrepreneur Cindy Guillemant. Inspired by her grandmother, who had already developed various perfumes, she decided to start her own company in 2014. In the fragrance creations Moresque combines the Italian way of life with the mysterious world of the Orient. This is also reflected in the bottles and packaging, which are often decorated with oriental patterns and Arabic characters.

The Secret Collection - Scirocco
The Secret Collection - Scirocco

“The Secret Collection - Scirocco” joins “The Secret Collection”, which is intended as a tribute to Moresque's roots and the importance of research. The fragrance series is intended to be the prologue of an olfactory and stylistic narrative for the brand, showcasing perfumes previously hidden from the public. Last year, Moresque expanded the collection with “The Secret Collection - Scarlet Rouge”.

The new fragrance creation is presented in a dark green glass bottle decorated with golden oriental patterns. A gold-colored cap completes the luxurious appearance.

The fragrance is available in a bottle size of 75 ml.

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