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NorthernSky 2 years ago
Creamy gourmand take on tuberose
I have read reviews comparing this one to Carnal Flower or saying it's green or spicy.
On me- nothing of this kind. Josier's Tuberose is a beautiful, gourmand white floral, but devoid of the carnal facet of CF, and is overal much more subdued. I would have said without looking at the notes that the must be some sort of praline/honey note, as well as a lot of heliotrope and jasmine. I would say it's the sort of scent I would recommend who would like to try a tuberose scent, but is afraid to try it. It's not big, it's not scary, it's incredibly pretty, very feminine, quite edible and a relatively easy wear if white florals rock your boat.
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NorthernSky 2 years ago 4 1
Beautiful full bodied rose

I suppose this line is not very popular because of availability (where can you actually test these in store?) and high pricing. With 100 ml currently retailing at £247.00 in the UK, it is wel labove what any other brands like Lancome or Armani charge for their boutique lines.
It is worth it? No. But is it a good scent- most definitely - yes!!! It's a really, really deep and dark rose, with a touch of sweetness and a touch of woodiness. It's a relatively simple scent, but full bodied and unapologetic. It reminds me from afar Voleur de Roses, minut the fruitiness of the plum, here instead offering sweetness of tonka beans.
It's a shame it's so difficult to find and so pricey, as otherwise it would be far, far more popular, rather than restricted to those with much thicker wallets.
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NorthernSky 2 years ago 2
Nutty gourmand
Can this be love? Or just an infatuation?

Eau Gourmande Creme de Pistacho is in a way quite similar to TM Womanity. It has both the sweetness ans the saltiness of Womanity, but it is also deliciously nutty in the best way it can.
Because of the saltiness, it is quite a strange scent... You can smell all the sweetness there is, chocolate and vanilla, and lots of hazeltnut, and honey, and then there is this salty air feeling to the whole, and a touch of woodyness.
I am not sure how to classify this one. Fantastically bizarre and captivating. Creamy, powdery, strange. And I definitely want to test more to make up my mind about it.

EDIT: Not a love, not even an infatuation Im afraid. The more I have it on me, the less I like. It lacks a bit of freshness, and after a few hours becomes stuffy, sweet-salty scent that has a power to suffocate. Maybe more citrus or something juicy would bring this alive?
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NorthernSky 2 years ago
Beautiful apple pie scent
Leaving aside the awful bottle design,...

Delice d'Epices is quite a funny fragrance, totally not what I expected from it and from the reviews. I think I was imagining it as more sppicy and sweet and defnitely very,v ery warm, judging from the notes. The fragrance turns out to be quite delicious- that of an apple pie. There is lotf of apple and cinnamon, but it's more of an apple pie where only half of the amount of required sugar was added. The floral notes are bearely there, and the vanilla lingers in the background, it's soft, but sometimes I have an impression that it struggles to find its way through the apple/cinnamon combination. Instead of warm and cosy, the scent is more citrusy/airy/juicy. Not that I mind, I was just a bit surprised at the first sniff.

It is perfect for casual wear in both hot and cold weather. I wish there was more sweetness to it, sicne it fefinitely would go along well with the other notes, and some more cardamon would definitely be welcome nn my behalf. Nevertheless, it is the best out of the family I have tried so far, and it has been accompanying me quite a lot over the past few weeks.
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NorthernSky 3 years ago 3
Pretty vetiver
Vetiver is such a wonderful, versatile ingredient. Great as a background, beautiful as a star of the show.
The scent if a part of an exclusive Chopard collection. The bottle is stunning and the scents in the line retail at almost £200.

Vétiver created by Morillas for Chopard is... pretty. I find it quite hard to really muster ore words. It's a straight up vetiver scent combined with a hefty dose of cedarwood. Unfortunately, hardly any tea to break throuogh the dryness, I think this scent could do with something fresh to uplift it. Instead, an image of dry pencil shavings comes to my mind like a tidal wave. It has a very good lasting power though, so if you're in the market for a vetiver with excellent longevity, this may be it.

It's not a bad scent, but it does not take you on a journey. The beautiful bottle promises, but does not deliver.
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