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1 year ago - 25.07.2022
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Victoria’s Secret Launches “Bare”, the Most Personal Perfume Yet

With its new woody-floral women's fragrance "Bare", the U.S. fashion company Victoria's Secret launches the first perfume that is supposed to be protected from imitation.

As in other campaigns, the label is focusing on diversity and inclusion with its creation. Yet this work by Nathalie Benareau and Carlos Viñals is meant to go a step further. Instead of just celebrating individuality, it aims to create individuality, taking the idea of signature fragrance to the next level. The exclusive combination of musks is meant to adapt to the wearer's body chemistry, creating a fragrance unique to each person. "Bare" starts with a fresh accord of Madagascar mandarin, which transitions into a floral heart note of the violet petals of Egyptian violets, and finally fades to a base of Australian sandalwood.

Victoria's Secret also pays attention to the sustainability of the components used. The manufacturer states that it only uses ingredients and materials from responsible sources. Individual raw materials, such as Australian sandalwood, are even obtained entirely through recycling.

is the first fragrance on the market to use Cryptosym®, a new technology that allows fragrance formulations to be encrypted, preserving their novelty and protecting them from future imitations.

The campaign for the fragrance was shot by photographer Zoe Ghertner and styled by Camilla Nickerson.

The perfume is available in 50 ml and 100 ml bottles.

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