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RahulESJ 5 months ago 1
Candied Musky Saffron
Crystal Saffron is candied saffron wrapped around musks (has a vibe very similar to Parisian Musk) and blended with smokey/ incense vibes. ⁣

Coming to "Crystal" in the name, it definitely makes a lot of sense: To me, it portrays a few things, mineral nuances, and sugar candy-like shimmer everywhere. ⁣

Crystal Saffron, just like its other siblings, is very minimalistic, has an edge and signature and the musky/ sweet saffron just projects in the air (thanks to the ambroxan). It definitely has a middle-eastern flair without being too heavy. ⁣

Overall, If you like the DNA of Matiere Premiere fragrances, plus, enjoy saffron in fragrances or as a spice, you would definitely like this one. A fragrance that is potent without being loud. A easy recommendation to sample for sure. ⁣

I speak about the fragrance more in detail here with Aurelien.
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RahulESJ 1 year ago 3
A mysterious journey through the desert!
This fragrance takes me to the oasis in the middle of the Sahara where the desert breeze carries a lot of olfactive notes of the richness of sweets, the warmth of spices, and everything in between.⁣

With Lost in the Desert, the brand has definitely hit all the right notes. It's vibrant, it's rich, and dense. To me, it's a woody gourmand fragrance that opens up with a blast of sweet notes almost reminiscent of a citrus vanilla pie all wrapped around spices. I love the darkness that's behind all the sweetness. Almost dry woody incense-like depth that adds another dimension to the scent. I get lots of vanilla along with floral nuances up top. Dry down is where the magic really starts with a lot of olibanum, oud and almost sandalwood-like vibes. ⁣

Initially, I thought it's a gourmand scent but soon I realized that there was much more to this. The spices and the woods that comes 30 mins into the fragrance just definitely check all the boxes for me.

A promising one from the house.
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RahulESJ 1 year ago 3
An absolutely delicious coconut dipped boozy tobacco
Fan your Flames is sweet, slightly velvety, and is very dry and dusty tobacco with creamy coconut-like nuances. It definitely smells like a party on a Pirate ship somewhere in between the ocean. I also get a lot of earthiness in the back which is very reminiscent of what I get in Sultan Vetiver. You can definitely sense that both the fragrances are from the same brand. ⁣

⭕ To me it's slightly masculine leaning due to the smokey/ earthy base I spoke about above but that doesn't mean that the ladies can't wear it. The sweetness really balances out everything atleast in the opening and really makes this fragrance another winner from the house for me. Also for the people who don't enjoy overly boozy fragrances, this could be a great start. ⁣

Overall, Fan your Flames is delicious Malibu coconut rum that's a delight to wear. It's tasty like a coconut-based cocktail, warm like the smoke from the bonfire, and slight green like the wind from the pine forest nearby. Can't go wrong. This is a huge recommendation from me
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RahulESJ 1 year ago 4
A dreamy gourmand leather which I was always looking for.
Ghibli is definitely my fav from the line. It's a simplistic and elegant take on gourmand leather.

A warm floral leather fragrance that is really to die for. A gourmand leather that I have always been wanting to be honest. GHIBLI to me is like airy fresh Jasmine dipped in spicy slightly bitter cacao, wrapped around warm notes of suede leather. It also has honey-like aspects which I love. Very lush, velvety & sweet! ⁣

Here you can catch my live interview with Sonia Constant where we speak about all three fragrances in the Leather Collection incl Ghibli.

Hope you will enjoy it.
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RahulESJ 1 year ago 2
Spicy lover's dream.
Desert Suave is warm, sweet, and very comforting. Desert Suave was one of the first fragrances that got me interested in the brand overall and when I first sprayed it I was so hooked. Maybe it was the cardamom opening on the top that I found very delicious. It almost smells like a spice market in Morocco. The fragrance is sweetened by dates that add slight fruity nuance in it (in a very dense almost concentrated bees-wax like way) which you can recognize right away as you put your nose on it. I do get leathery aspects at the back that add depth and richness.⁣⁣
Desert Suave definitely transports me to an oasis somewhere deep in a desert. It's super soft and tender and very creamy and well-rounded. ⁣⁣

⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣Overall, I think Desert Suave is a winner from the brand. It's elegant and timeless in my opinion and I can only recommend sampling it. ⁣⁣
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