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MiaTrostMiaTrost 6 years ago
Lovely to see another of your reviews! Hope you are well. xoxo
ScentFanScentFan 6 years ago
Hi, Tar. It's a reference to Josh's sometimes sexy themes. I was sorry to see he's long taken his beautiful images down, in lieu of the logo: Fine Improper Perfumes.
ScentFanScentFan 6 years ago
Yes, Kiste, and New Sibet, my current Slumberhouse passion.
TIA1971TIA1971 7 years ago
Hello and thank you so much.

We`re all fine...no thunderstorm at the baltic sea, where I live and we have a thread here, none of the users and their families seem to be affected.

Greetings Tanja
TIA1971TIA1971 8 years ago
Hey Sweetie ;-)

Thank you for viewing and comment my Pictures!

Greetings from Germany

TIA1971TIA1971 8 years ago
It's me again. I thank you so much. It is more and more fun this "shootings" ;-)

Warm regards, Tanja
TIA1971TIA1971 8 years ago

My photo of "Voice" from Betty Barclay: Thank you so much and enjoy it!

Greetings Tanja
FluxitFluxit 8 years ago
Whoop whoop! Thanks heaps for your super cool package, Tar! :) Can't wait to start testing :D
TiaraTiara 8 years ago
Dear Tar :) thank you for the good deal and i hope you will find some good fragrances too ^^ Greetings from Germany ...Tiara
ChallengerChallenger 8 years ago
Thanks a million :-)
ChallengerChallenger 8 years ago

How are you Tar?

What is the best men's fragrance based on orange blossom In your opinion?
SalanderSalander 8 years ago
Szia Tar! Üdvözlet Magyarországra! :-)
ChallengerChallenger 9 years ago

Excuse me. I was so busy. I forgot to give you a response.

I usually travel once every season.

In this Spring I went to the "Zanjan". I will upload a photo of this travel. ;)

have a nice day too.
ChallengerChallenger 9 years ago

how are you?


the new year is so good.
GingerGinger 9 years ago
Good morning, Tar! I´m sorry, but I´d just seen your comment about my pic of "5th Avenue". I took it at a demolished ruin of a garage in my neighbourhood. Thanx for commenting!
ViolaodorataViolaodorata 9 years ago
Hi Tar


BOLDOG HUSVETI ÜNNEPEKET ( sorry, without´`)

What have you done with my fragance ?


Greetings from Switzerland

ViolaodorataViolaodorata 9 years ago

=( °.° )=

c ('')('')
GothicHeartGothicHeart 9 years ago
Oh, thanks a lot Tar! Then maybe if I ever disappear, someone will create me anew. And yes, Darth Vader's "Choke bitch, choke!" vessel of exemplification is One Man Show. I wear it to exterminate everything; people, germs and evil spirits alike...
noirceurnoirceur 9 years ago
Thanks for your kind words on my Memoir Man image! You too have some beautiful and inspiring pictures in your portfolio.
0815abc0815abc 9 years ago

Thank You for visiting:) No I have'nt seen it.But it is at the first place on my to do list.

Have a nice day.

Best wishes

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