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13 days ago - 13.05.2024
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Elegance is a ritual you come back to often

Elegance is a ritual you come back to often

I recently received it again for 13,40€ without its grey pouch . It wrote tester for stores on it. The batch code number and also mentioned it is made in London.  I am talking about Geoffrey Beene Grey Flannel

This fragrance has an amazing duration, it ain't a barber shop fragrance, it is a cedar and violets fragrance that gets a dynamic profile from fresh peppery galbanum. Don't get scared by the bergamot, petigrain and neroli they are not harsh or too acidic. Do not fear the flowers in it for they are so well balanced. Not too powdery either. This fragrance is a ritual of elegance you always return to. It is absolutely unisex and you can spray and spray about five times. It is wonderful in Fall and in Spring. But you can take on him during a summer night too. I just can't get enough of this guy!

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