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Recommend me more unusual and challenging fragrances

Recommend me more unusual and challenging fragrances 10 months ago

Hi guys! Here are some of my favorite fragrances. Kinda runs the gamut but I think you’ll find enough here to recommend!

Orto Parisi Stercus (probably my signature scent)

Papillon Salome (#2 of all time, had a decant need bottle)

Nishane Unutamam (# of all time 3 also decant)

Oriza L Legrand Horizon (#4 of all time again decant)

Bortnikoff Oud Maximus 2020 (fav oud ever probably)

Tom Ford Fabulous (not my daily wear but when I need it, I need it)
Francesca Bianchi The Lovers Tale (the only powder I’d describe as to die for on me, also decant)

Fillipo Sorcolenni Reliqva (at this moment my fav incense/wood combo but haven’t tried Arso, Norne, Kyoto, or zagorsk)

Angelos Creations Olfactives Yloud-Yloud (not perfect but quite a good powder Oud)
Things i’ve smelled but never bought or sampled but loved:
Amouage Silver Oud (to me the most intoxicating fragrance ever made)

MFK Oud silk mood extrait

The Harmonist Yin Transformation

Nasomatto Black Afghano

Tauer Phi

Tauer Lonestar Memories

Tauer Au Coeur du Desert

Jovoy Psychedelique

Xinú Monstera

Byredo Mumbai Noise

Le Labo Ylang 49

Le Labo Patchouli 24

Le Labo The Noir 29

thanks for reading and I hope u can help!

10 months ago

A weird one: LampblackLampblack

10 months ago 1

Thank you. I own Ummagumma and will probably buy Room 237 eventually. I’m quite interested by the notes!

5 months ago 1
5 months ago

Thanks for those. Already aware of Oudh InfiniOudh Infini and will def buy, love Prin’s scent profiles but have never smelled them. Really wanna get Mongolian MrigaMongolian Mriga, Nilmalee / นิลมาลีNilmalee and OnthamaraOnthamara but so expensive, might start with Les Mauvais GarçonsLes Mauvais Garçons and maybe SM CaféSM Café.

2 months ago

Aranyaka plus one vote(very wearable and nice), La tsarina Senyoko.....the weirdest s.x notes ever!!ELDO Secretion magnifiques(mostly blood and a bit sweat....i can not wear), Wolf brothers Goat.

I love the strange fragrance also!


2 months ago

I adore unusual perfumes too, here are some you might like to test:


The Smell of Weather Turning (Perfume)The Smell of Weather Turning Perfume

Devil's Nightcap / AgglestoneDevil's Nightcap

Fantabulosa / LadyboyFantabulosa

Tank BattleTank Battle

Zombie for HimZombie for Him


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