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Tea note 3 months ago 1

What are your favourite tea-scented frags? Green tea, flavoured black tea, Earl Grey, Lapsang Souchong, etc etc etc - looking for all and any teas,either with straight up tea notes, or something you perceive as tea, even if it's not in the pyramid.

I have samples of Hermessence Osmanthe YunnanHermessence Osmanthe Yunnan and Bois DatchaïBois Datchaï , and like them both though they are very different. I also perceive a tea note in some berry perfumes like Touch The Original Gold / TouchTouch The Original Gold and some patchouli perfumes like Wild Rose AoudWild Rose Aoud.

Curious to hear about your recommendations!

3 months ago 3

I will always be going for my love Armani Privé - Thé YulongArmani Privé - Thé Yulong . Next in line I've got to try is probably Wūlóng Chá (Extrait de Parfum)Wūlóng Chá Extrait de Parfum . I also really love Fall CashmereFall Cashmere as it reminds me of spiced chaï tea. Looking forward to trying 32 Venenum32 Venenum because people also say it's a type of spiced chaï tea scent.

I'm still searching for other tea perfumes (green tea and black tea prefered). I've tried IndigoIndigo but there was a bit too many notes that muddled the tea aspect, I've had Thé VertThé Vert that was too fleeting, I've had Green Tea (Eau Parfumée)Green Tea Eau Parfumée that had a fennel note I disliked and I've recently tried Verte EnvoléeVerte Envolée that had the same problem as the other Yves Rochers.

3 months ago 4

I love tea, every time family go somewhere for a holiday or a short trip, they bring back all sorts of flavoured tea for me, so it's shocking to say that i can only recommend one fragrance with tea in it.

It is a Hugo Boss fragrance, and although i think HUGO has gone down hill over recent years, i have to say i rather like this one. It's pretty simple yet nice, and although it doesn't project like mad, it lasts a pretty decent amount of time and is good for times when your nose needs a rest to help with nose blindness. It is good in the heat as it is aptly named Hugo IcedHugo Iced 😊

3 months ago 1

IM COMING IN HOT!!! Thé Noir 29 (Eau de Parfum)Thé Noir 29 Eau de Parfum Oh my god it's so sexy, spicy, sweet. A dark tea fragrance that is absolutely addicting. Think of a feminine woman with a black blazer, plum lipstick, a soft purple blush, contour using shadows (no bronzer for this eagle), a small, thin, chic gold necklace on her chest. Long, flowing, wavy, brown hair down her back. Black pants flared at the bottom. A floral blouse with tea leaves in the design. And yet she's looking at you laughing and flirting. Her badassery matched by a genuine personality, no wonder she's so successful!

That's The Noir 29. I love to envision perfumes as people. And that's what I imagine she would be. Powerful, fiery, yet playful and flirty.

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3 months ago 1

Thanks everyone for your recommends! Will test what I can find asap, the list is growing 😁

3 months ago 1

I really like AtayAtay even though I'm not the biggest fan of tea notes.

Moroccan mint tea is the inspiration behind the scent, not a fan of mint either but this one does it really well.

3 months ago 2

I love tea scents. Some of the "tea based" fragrances I enjoy are:

"Still | Jennifer Lopez" (and bonus, it's really affordable)

Dear Polly (Eau de Parfum)Dear Polly Eau de Parfum (smoky black tea)

Remember MeRemember Me (milky "chai" tea)

Je Ne Sais QuoiJe Ne Sais Quoi (matcha and maté)

3 months ago 1

The most realistic green tea scent that I've ever smelled is Thé VertThé Vert. I love also more abstract, "zen" kind of tea scents like


White Tea (Eau de Toilette)White Tea Eau de Toilette

White Tea (Eau de Parfum)White Tea Eau de Parfum

Pure for Her / Pure O₂ for Her / Free O₂ for HerPure for Her

L'Eau de Peau - Eau FraîcheL'Eau de Peau - Eau Fraîche

3 months ago 1

A really innovative approach to tea scents is I-III Russian TeaI-III Russian Tea

A smoky black tea accord ... with mint, raspberry and incense.

3 months ago 2

No one has mentioned them yet so I'll add Gris Charnel (Eau de Parfum)Gris Charnel Eau de Parfum (Assam / black tea) & Graines Vagabondes - Winter PalaceGraines Vagabondes - Winter Palace (Rooibos)

3 months ago

+1 for Graines Vagabondes - Winter PalaceGraines Vagabondes - Winter Palace. You feel like you just drank rooibos tee.

3 months ago

I'm not a big fan of tea scents but I absolutely adore Tea for TwoTea for Two and Island Vanilla (Perfume)Island Vanilla Perfume.

3 months ago

Eau FraîcheEau Fraîche I don't think tea is mentioned as a note, but I definitely get a green tea note in there!

3 months ago
2 months ago

Will soon try Milky DragonMilky Dragon inspired by milky oolong, which I did try recently, and it was a delicious sneak peek of the tea note and the buttery and roasted aspects of this fragrance that I heard so much about

I wish I could get my nose on Tea for TwoTea for Two as well.

I really love to drink and smell matcha. I own Replica - Matcha MeditationReplica - Matcha Meditation and tried Je Ne Sais QuoiJe Ne Sais Quoi recently. I like the white chocolate in Matcha Meditation but the Cabanel is much closer to matcha and is even more delicious. When I finish Matcha Meditation I will replace it with the Cabanel

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