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New user ! Please Help

New user ! Please Help 20 days ago

Hey there guys ! Why i am unable to write up review for fragrance ? Is it disabled for new members ?

Thanks !

19 days ago 1

Hello @Freedef , welcome to Parfumo! You are able to write a review for any fragrance even as a new user:

1) Go to the fragrance listing

2) Click (or tap, if on mobile) on the "Review" rectangular button (in the group of rectangular buttons right below the fragrance notes)

3) The review form will then pop open, below the group of rectangular buttons

4) Once you have finished your review (must meet a minimum length - but if you prefer to write a shorter review, please tap/click on "Statement" button instead), then tap/click the "Post Review" button

Hope this helps!

10 hours ago

No idea friend 😊

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